Hello, this is where my maps for half-Life 2 are stored. Please help yourself to some archives.

dm_overflow - New Odessa Overflow Monitor [screenshot] [download] [txt]
A Half-Life 2: Deathmatch map I made and submitted to the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Map Contest hosted by Valve Software. I guess I didn't win since I haven't heard anything from them after the winners were supposed to be notified. I don't even know if the map ever got entered into the competition because Valve required it to be sent in via snailmail, and with the atrocious postal service in Norway I'm not sure if it ever even got out over our borders. It's prolly stuck in some crevice in Oslo I bet.
Anyway, the map has been thoroughly tested by my chums and chavs in #terrafusion and should be a blast to play. The map is well suited for 2-4 players and there will for once in a HL2:DM map not be death by toilet but actual gunplay!