Hello, my name is Christian Grawert, aka czg, and welcome to my little truckstop on the information superhighnets. Please go click on a link for whichever game you think is most awesome.


Quite frankly in my opinion the most awesome game.

Half-Life 2

Kinda nice game, but not as awesome as Quake. Is made slightly awesome by our favourite man in uniform, Barney Calhoun, though.


How to get in touch with me.

Well, there's always email, but to be honest I don't check it much so you might never get a reply. If you're on irc, #terrafusion on the quakenet network is where I hang out a lot, beware of foul language though. Also, if you've got questions about mapping, feel free to post your questions in the mapping help thread over at func_msgboard. Somebody, maybe not me, will answer your question as good as they can. (Not a guarantee!)