Hello, and welcome to a collection of unfinished scraps of maps that have been rotting away on my HD. Please, look at them and be inspired or use them for something good. If anything, please give me a little bit of credit in whatever finished work that emerges, thank you.


All maps [zip]
All the maps on this list, in one big chunk. Contains both .map and .bsp files. 16 megs

Aurora -The future is now. [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be DM, icy theme at nigh, Xatrix and Undule textures.

AutoDM1 - Vec k = (-2, 5 487); [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be DM, inspired by oldschool maps, uses original quake textures.

Bunker - Violator [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP, zer inspired using modified and original quake textures.

Cave - [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP, zer inspired (bunker map), uses zer textures.

Caxotixxc - [bsp] [map]
Neat looking curvy archway, inspired by ending of ICO, uses heretic 2 textures or whatever.

cr8ter - Always in my heart [bsp] [map]
A crater that one of my DooM texture attempts should fit into, (see lunar for example) Uses various rock textures.

Cups - are my intentions [bsp] [map]
Not sure if SP or DM, heavily inspired by Retinal's latest pinion3, down to the filename and title being from underworld, uses kingpin textures mostly.

czg05 - Aerospace two [bsp] [map]
The infamous one. Lun3dm3 textures and general evilness within.

czg06 - You're not alone [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP, more in the same style as czg03, uses original quake textures.

czg08 - Respatex revolution [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP, not inspired by anything in particular, uses quake2, xatrix, and some misc textures. Uses hipnotic entities + some own (unessential).

czg10 - Dream of science [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP, some nice gritty industrial stuff, that turned out to be rather plain and boring. Uses kingpin textures + some xatrix.

czg101 - [bsp] [map]
Another industrial attempt. Died already after first day of mapping. Uses kingpin and kingpin unused textures.

czg11 - Soulworks [bsp] [map]
Some sort of lava thing with a metal thing and a rock thing. Inspired by abe's exoddus (?!), uses kingpin + some misc textures.

czg12 - Nivlheim [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP, medieval thingy, plain and boring, uses daikatana e3 textures.

czg13 - Groove fusion [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP, plan for this WAY too big to be realized, has some nice features, uses quake2 & xatrix textures.

czg134 - Sunset [bsp] [map]
See this? This was part of the plan for czg13. No wonder it never got finished. Uses heretic 2 textures I think + some of my own. Features embarrasing attempt at emulating colored light!

czg14c - Clockworks [bsp] [map]
Interesting idea. Uses hipnotic rotation, zer rain and some sounds by me, but the rotation part is the important bit here. Supposed to be part of a large series of maps, but no such thing. I like the turning floor... Kingpin textures mostly.

czg15 - r_speeds ahoy [bsp] [map]
Start hall is a ripoff of apsp1 by than, rest is damend interesting, but the title explains it all. Uses ikbase textures.

czg16 - Cinder valley [bsp] [map]
Starts cool but immediatly goes bleh. Uses kingpin and undule textures. Inspired by nazi documentaries on discovery channel for some reason...

czg17 - Vocoded vitriol [bsp] [map]
Predecessor to czg05. Some brushes intersect and make the bsp a bit b0rked, but otherwise fine. Uses doom, undule and textures from than and lunaran.

czgdm1 - Nail Fu [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be DM. Most promising so far. Uses egyptian/ roman rogue textures. Looks cool. Don't know what would happen in the last area though.

czgdm03 - Malus terra [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be DM/SP combo map. Ridiculously complex brushwork. Uses quake 2 textures + some of my own.

czgpgn1 - Paganism chapter 1 [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP, dark medieval atmosphere, looks nice, inspired by zer, uses quake and kingpin textures.

Death - Hell is upon us [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP, uses q2 textures, inspired by Doom3, not very good.

Devil - Devil [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP. Looks damned cool, inspired by Devil may cry (sucks), uses undule + misc other textures.

dmsp3_1 - The future is now [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be fo Aardappels dmsp mod (version 3), but never finished due to r_speeds. Looks nice though. Same style as aurora.

Doom - Calling all creatures [bsp] [map]
Another Doom texture adventure. itsy bitsy bit, but what's there looks kinda neat. Doom + kingpin textures.

Dunno - Swallowed worlds [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP, predecessor to terra5, looks neat in some ways. Uses quake textures.

Essgee - [bsp] [map]
I have no clue as to what this is. Inspired by television, uses q2 textures. Not much to see.

Hiro - Evil Weevil [bsp] [map]
Ikbase affair. Looks neat, but not much potential for gameplay methinks. Ikbase textures. (duh)

Idbase - [bsp] [map]
Map intended to be SP, idbase affair, uses some modified idbase textures, inspired by zer.

Laurel - Heliosopolis [bsp] [map]
Mapcols.wad experiment. Some ribbed thingy this time, not much gameplay.

Lighthouse - [bsp] [map]
Something weird. A lighthouse I presume. Made for an engine with fog. Black, dense, eerie fog. Uses misc textures.

Lunar - Tsiolkovsky anomaly [bsp] [map]
Another Doom texture adventure. this one looks quite good, and I like the title. Uses Doom and misc rock textures.

Ne1m1 - The slipgate complex [bsp] [map]
A remake of the slipgate complex. It doesn't do the original justice though, at least not with that 'Thing' tacked onto the end of it. Started nice, but that's that, Uses idbase textures.

Phis - track 6 [bsp] [map]
Some marine map. I like the slopy rocks, but not much else. Uses quake and kingpin trextures.

Phobos - devi [bsp] [map]
The most recent doom texture adventure. Looks nice, there's a canyon, and that's that. Uses doom and kingpin textures. (Looks like I've worked out what rock textures that go well with the doom textures.

Rubber1 - burnin [bsp] [map]
Some lava canyonish map. Uses kingpin and some textures by me. There is something fubar about some func_trains, so some lavafalls are missing...

Scrap - Scrap brain [bsp] [map]
I dunno, som DM map. It's supposed to have a neat skybox and all... Uses mainly Q2 textures.

terra5 - [bsp] [map]
Another map in the terra series, slightly ambient and nice. Uses quake textures.

terra8 - Ode to a duck [bsp] [map]
Another map in the terra series, has some cool designs. Uses quake textures.

terra9 - Gehenna [bsp] [map]
Another map in the terra series, could be cool, but is rather bland. Uses original quake textures.

VII_test1 - [bsp] [map]
Ehem, an entire map tilted ~26 degrees. Interesting. It's supposed to be a sunken ship, uses kingpin textures.

Wack - At the heart of it all [bsp] [map]
Another doom texture adventure. Using gothy bricks this time though. Dark, but has some cool spots... Doom and xatrix textures.