Hello, this is where I keep my Quake maps. Please download the ones you think you like from below. I've taken the liberty to arrange them in the order of best to not so best, in my opinion of course.

terra - Terra map pack [screenshot] [screenshot] [download] [txt] [map sources [txt]]
6 smallish and oldschool singleplayer maps based vaguely on the first episode of Quake. Mind you, this is no Beyond Belief, this does in no way aim so high.
UPDATED 020905: The exit on terra4 was broken and a door was broken on easy skill in terra1. I've updated the bsps to fix this. You speedrunners might want to skip downloading this since I guess your demos won't work with the updated bsps. Sorry.

e1m1rmx - The Slipgate Duplex [screenshot] [download] [txt]
Remake of e1m1 in a coop-editing effort with Vondur. Please visit Vondur's site for mirror downloads and more info.

februus - Februus' Depth [screenshot] [download] [txt]
Large catacomb style map, winding itslef deep into the ground through lava-filled caverns and claustrophobic passages. No lava sewers.

czg03 - Ceremonial Circles [screenshot] [download] [txt]
E1m3/4 styled map. Green brick and rocks in a watery area, difficult combat and totally oldschool.

czg07 - Insomnia [screenshot] [screenshot] [download] [txt]
Large 3 map mini-episode set in some kind of retarded dream world. Map styles range from Zer-ish flesh, Quake 2-ish base and Quake 3-ish gothÿk

czg04 - Numb Nimbus [screenshot] [download] [txt]
Smallish metal/grey brick style map, set above a black void for some hot hot gimmick++ action.

czgtoxic - Biotoxin [screenshot] [download] [txt]
Map I made (and won with) for the second 100 brush contest. Technically very impressive for only 100 brushes. Q2 waste style saves the day in this one.


Below are some maps that aren't that good, but I wouldn't mind you checking out anyway, since you're already here I mean.

smXX_czg - Various speedmaps
Speedmapping are small events held on irc where silly people get together to make small maps in the shortest possible time, occasionally with set themes. The official timlimit is 100 minutes, but we often go way over that. These maps are usually very quick and basic, but some of them turn out good. You may grab the packs from the speedmapping site archive. The ones I've participated in (because I know you all love me) are (best ones in bold) :
sm11, sm29, sm48, sm51, sm54, sm55, sm56, sm57, sm65 (2 maps), sm70, sm76.

czg02 - Memento Mori [screenshot] [download]
A map that I made, but ended up being a mess that I couldn't be arsed to finish. Good Man Fat Controller though, picked it up and fixed some borky bits and had his way with the monsters. And so it was released after all, thanks to that wonderful Fat Controller from the island of Sodor

q1tm2_czg - HRD TRFFC [screenshot] [download] [txt]
A map for the second quake turtlemap challenge. Made in just a week, hence the turtlemap thing. Emphasis on lighting here, lots of gloomy shadows and dynamic light effects. Inspired quite a lot by doom and also the sidescroller Abuse.

czg_moon - Czg's Moonshot [screenshot] [download] [txt]
Map I made (and placed 3rd with) for the second 100 brush contest. Technically very impressive for only 100 brushes. Some sort of blue moon-like thingy going on with the textures here.

czg100b - Rabbit In Your Deadlights [screenshot] [download] [txt]
Map I made (but never entered) for the first 100 brush contest. This map uses some hell-themed textures I haven't seen used elsewhere made by some guy who calls himself davo.

czg00 - Entering THREDLEVEL [screenshot] [download] [txt]
A fairly faithful recreation (the original was lost during a harddrive change) of the first playable map I ever made. Horrible textures and utterly amateurish brushwork doesn't prevent this from having some sort of disgusting charm. Made with mapeditor Thred3D for that really authentic P.O.S. feel.

czg01 - The Research Facility [screenshot] [download] [txt]
The first map I ever released on an unsuspecting public. This is an idbase textured level, and I guess it tries it's best to squeeze out as many different (and clashing) themes as possible from that set. The brushwork is wonky and not anything I'm particularly proud of, but the wrecked areas are kinda cool and it's probably fun to play through. At least with godmode.


Other bits that I've somehow, accidentally or otherwise, made available for public consumption.

mapcols.wad - Solid color textures. [download]
A wad that contains 256 16x16 textures, all filled solid with one color from the quake palette. You could use this to make some Tron-style levels or a tetris homage or something silly like that. There are two sky textures in there to match the squareness of the rest of the wad too. This is now actually fixed since RPG started moaning about it being broken. Silly TexMex decided that it'd be cool to convert the last 32 fullbright textures to non-fullbright ones. Actually, texture #247 still is broken, and that is silly Paint Shop Pro's fault.

map sources - Scraps
Quite a big list of maps I started but never completed, with downloads for the map sources so perhaps you may use them for good.

quake.fgd - Worldcraft game definition file [download]
Worldcraft uses FGD files to define all the entities you can place in a map. The original FGD file had a few errors, like the size of items was wrong, and there were a few keys missing on certain entities. This file is a pretty good update, wih fixed sizes on all bounding boxes, added keys for tyrlite, and some other secret bits that aren't too well explored.

A few helpful (?) tutorials
First, there's a text file explaining how to set up the hipnotic rotating entities. Useful if you're doing that for the first time, as they can be confusing. Second, there's a little page detailing how I go about making nice, simple curves in Quake. It's not too special, but I hear some people have had use of it.