About the Author

Ryan Lowe is a Computer Engineering student at the University of Ottawa who has a peculiar knack for making web pages. If you ask him why he does what he does he will probably respond, "cause I know it'll help me pay for sk00L". Isn't that always the way.

rLowe's interests in computer graphics and games will probably lead him there some day, but he has no idea when. He hopes to live in Canada for most of his life because he likes the people there.

He spends his spare time working on his "free" web pages, surfing the 'net, and trying to stay to stay connected with the computing universe. However, his life is not all computers.

rLowe also likes to spend time listening to musak, playing sports (he says anyone who doesn't know how to play golf is severely lacking), partying and the occasional movie or two. As you can clearly see, his extra-computing life is truly pathetic. :)


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