History of the OQNM

The OQNM was created because once I learned how to create fun names, I was asked over and over how to do it. A couple of name makers were out there, but they were either difficult to use, costly or both. I decided to do something a little different; make a name maker that was FREE.

As I began playing with JavaScript, I realised that making it easy to use would be quite difficult. In the Netscape 3 days, JavaScript was limited, and I had to use radio buttons to make selections. If you've never seen a page with 200 radio buttons on it, you haven't missed much, believe me.

Many people started using the site after I posted the address on some newsgroups, so I realised the demand was there. I e-mailed Steve Heaslip over at Blue's News and he hooked me up with some guys that were making a start-up site called PlanetQuake. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now that JavaScript has improved to the point where much more interactivity is possible, the OQNM looks more like an APP than a form. This is great for the end user, because it hides some of the complicated workings of the page, and makes it easier, faster and more pleasurable to use.

I hope you all enjoy version 4!

© Ryan Lowe 1997-1999