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Mon  12  July  1999  20:55

After months - NAY - years (!), the new OQNM is up. Ladies and gentlemen, I present ..... OQNM4!! Ok, so enough with the fanfare. I know you just came here to shoot bullet holes in my menu (go ahead and TRY IT!), just be honest. But while you're here you might as well try the OQNM4. It's specially designed for all of your Quake name making needs. Have fun kiddies!

PS - I just posted the site today. Read the news from yesterday.

Sun  11  July  1999  21:05

Guess what kiddies?? That's right, it's almost job hunting time!! That means the 'ole OQNM gets a massive new update. Waddya think? E-mail me and tell me.

This site is, of course, optimized for IE5 (Internet Explorer) now that it's kicking Netscape's sorry ass into the ground. Netscape 4 will work just fine and dandy, as will IE4. If you don't have any of these, my menu probably made your browser cough up a lung. Nice to see you stuck in there (I love a good sport).

Now that you've had your fun, go get Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape 4. You'll be glad you did.

Oh yeah, make sure your browser can see Active Server Pages (ASP). Most of the pages on this site have the extension ASP.

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