Site Requirements

This site uses a LOT of Javascript. After Internet Explorer and Netscape 4 came out, I took a lot of time making a better version of the Online Quake Name Maker (OQNM), but still left the old Netscape 3 version up. Now it's ALL GONE, except for the OQNM4.

Version 4 is the most efficient OQNM ever. It's half the size of OQNM3 and only a quarter the size of its grand-daddy, OQNM2. This is possible because web pages are becoming easier to add dynamic content to, which is definitely a good thing.

OQNM4 can be used on a machine with as small as 640x480 resolution and 256 colours. The only limitation on using OQNM4 is the type of browser you use. Currently, OQNM4 has been tested and works completely with these generations of browsers:

  • Netscape Navigator 4
  • Internet Explorer 4
  • Internet Explorer 5
Specifically, OQNM4 has been designed for IE5. This is because it loads quickly, and objects (such as push buttons) can be changed to match the look of the site (unlike the current version of Netscape).

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