How do I set up a cheat-free server that has modified maps?

Some maps have been modified on the server side to change the entities that they contain (especially CTF maps.. or so I'm told). These modified maps should be placed in a separate game directory and the server should be started with -game <dir> in the command line. Keep the original maps and models in id1, as this is the directory that ProQuake always uses to verify client files. See the manual for more details.

pq_cheatfree is 1 but my server is not starting up in cheat-free mode. What's going on?

As stated in the manual, you need to put +pq_cheatfree 1 at the start of the command line so that it gets set before a map is loaded. So the following command line will work:

wqpro +pq_cheatfree 1 +map dm3 ... other stuff

but the following command line will not work:

wqpro +map dm3 +pq_cheatfree 1 ... WRONG!!!... pq_cheatfree is still 0 when map is loaded

Also note that autoexec.cfg is executed before the command line, so make sure you don't have a map command in autoexec.cfg. If you do, you can add "pq_cheatfree 1" to autoexec.cfg, placing it before the map command.

Why is transparent water a cheat?

Transparent water changes the game by allowing players to see architecture across the water boundary. This gives players with transparent water a distinct advantage because it makes it much easier to inflict splash damage on opponents by hitting beams and pillars with an RL, even though the player models can't actually be seen. I've heard people argue that "all other games have transparent water". But Quake is not all other games - Quake is Quake. It was released without transparent water, and a lot of players don't use GLQuake. Think about it.. lots of other games have footsteps. Does that mean it's not cheating if I hack my client to add footstep sounds to my enemies?

How do I turn off mouse acceleration?

Use -dinput on the command line. You will need to raise your sensitivity. If you don't like -dinput, you can also use either -noforcemspd or -noforcemparms.

How do I change the crosshair?

ProQuake does not have native support for modified crosshairs, but you can always do it the old-fashioned way. Open up gfx.wad in an editor such as AdQuedit, extract CONCHARS, use an editor to edit the white + sign, put the edited CONCHARS back in gfx.wad, and voila - new crosshair.

"Video mode not supported" error on a 3dfx card

If you are getting an error telling you that your video mode is not supported and that you should try 65536 colours or the -window option.