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Advanced Techniques
    Now that you're through all of the overt aspects of the game, there are many aspects of the game, which are less obvious, but imminently important. These "advanced techniques" can immensely help your game if you are not already employing them. With practice, these abilities can dramatically affect your game, and after a while you'll wonder how you ever played without them.

    Learning to shoot the ground below your opponents' feet can potentially increase your hit rate by an order of magnitude, while effective rocket jumping and help you reach hidden areas, take shortcuts to weapons and artifacts, or even escape fights if needed. Learning the sounds of the Quake world will give you an amazingly accurate grasp of your enemy's whereabouts and condition, and mastering the art of fighting in and out of water can aid tremendously in obtaining a more powerful weapon or preventing a fleeing enemy his escape. Strategy aside, mastering these techniques are what separate the newbies from the players.  

    Just heard Spear pick up
    the Grenade Launcher...

    ...a quick rocket jump to
    beat him to the Red Armor...

    ...and say hello while
    you're in the air!

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