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Running the Rocket Launchers
    The most popular technique for controlling DM2 is keeping the RLs away from your opponent. By doing this, you're essentially leaving the enemy with access only to the nail-gun, super shotgun, or grenade launcher. None of the weapons except the GL pose any serious threat, especially since you're probably stacked with 200 armor and a RL.
    Due to DM2's design, both players in the beginning usually have enough time to get armor and a RL. What is the one thing people usually think about when they are stacked, and know their opponent is stacked? The answer: Hunting down their opponents. What they don't care about is getting more armor or another RL, because it does them no good. Because of that, by the time both players find each other, the RL on the other side of the level is usually available. That is Reason #1 why DM2 is so easily run. This will be explained in more detail later on.
    The RL in the Front Side, near the Quad, takes a while to walk to, and can only be reached (without a grenade or rocket jump) by going through the YA teleport. This is Reason #2. If the other player does not respawn in the YA teleport area, you should have enough time to make it from the other side of the level to the RL first, by way of rocket jump. (For your opponent, he has to walk all the way down to the YA area, push the button, walk back up half-way, go through the teleport, and drop down the lift just to reach the RL area.)
    There are actually several ways you can start controlling the RLs, all of which have one thing in common: you must first kill the enemy. With that said, all of following combinations is under the presumption that you just killed your opponent.
    Setting up the situation:
    If you have faith in your rocket battle skills, you can actually set yourself up for running the RLs before you encounter the enemy. At a certain point in time, both of you will be fully stacked with armor and weapons, and will be just looking for each other to frag. As I stated earlier, this usually means the RLs are available, because no-one else needs one. Lure your opponent to the Back Side RL area, to ensure the battle will take place there. After you kill him (assuming that you do), listen for his respawn. You'll need to remember when the RL was last picked up. If you just picked it up, and your opponent reappeared in that area, do not kill him. Instead, run to the other side of the level and rocket jump to get the RL. Then, run straight back to the Back Side RL again. When you get to the other side, the RL should be respawning within five to ten seconds. Be alert - you'll probably find your opponent waiting for it to respawn. He probably had time to get 200 armor, but he won't have any powerful weapons to seriously harm you with. Most often, the enemy will think that you didn't hear him respawn, and went to the other side to hunt. After getting the RA, he'll assume you're still on the other side, so he's willing to wait for the RL to respawn… what he won't know is that you have the RLs timed, and are planning to get back before the RL does. Remember though, that "Running the RLs" is not simply just doing this process once. After the initial run, you must go back and forth continuously, picking up the RLs so that he has no weapons to kill you with. This tactic is called "Running the RLs."
    Note: Sometimes your opponent may choose not to wait for the Back Side RL, and will walk to the other side of the level and use the teleport to get to the other RL. So remember, always keep your pattern going… never get too sidetracked in hunting your opponent or you'll lose your timing and consequently, control of the level.
    Once you kill your opponent, several things should go through your mind, in this order:
    1. When did the RL last respawn? Was it within the last 10 seconds?
    2. Where did he respawn? Is he near this RL, or the other one?
    • If he respawned nearby, and the RL respawned less than 10 seconds ago, I have time to get the RL and be back before this one respawns.
    • If he respawned far away, I should rush to the other RL so that he can't get it.
    Basically, you can't expect to be able to run the RLs every time you kill your opponent. Sometimes you'll need to get health and armor, in which case you will give him enough time to get an RL. However, there will be times when the situation presents itself to you. Take advantage of it, and if you execute it correctly and stay on track, you will keep control of the level for a long while.

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