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DM2 Strategy Guide
    An inherently dark level with many unlit niches and corners, DM2 is an irresistible magnet for campers. The fact that oftentimes both players will have equal health, armor, and weapons makes the situation even worse, because getting the first shot off may mean the difference between winning and losing a rocket duel. Depending on each person's playing style, you may find yourself in a game of hide-and-seek rather than Quake.
    Wait -- Before you say, "Oh gosh, that is so lame. I'm never going to play this level," please realize that DM2 also has its great points, and with the right combination of playing styles, you can have yourself one intense deathmatch. Although it looks like a very simple level focused mainly on rocket aim, it is actually a lot more complex, and requires a lot of careful thinking and strategizing.
Items Available
  • 1 Super shotgun (SSG)
  • 1 Nail-gun (NG)
  • 1 Grenade launcher (GL)
  • 2 Rocket launchers (RL)
  • 3 Yellow armors (YA)
  • 2 Red armors (RA)
  • 2 Super mega healths (100% health)

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Important Notes: Quad Guys
Important Areas of DM2