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2 at RL, 2 at Quad/YA
    This is actually the strategy that Unforgiven (U4) sprung on us (Death Row) during the T3 Clan Finals. Although the strategy was nothing new to us, it was the first time we had seen it executed as well as U4 had. This "surprise" ultimately cost us the first game of a best of three series; however, we were able to adapt and fight back to take the next two and win the championship. The key to making this strategy work is playing in pairs. Each pair runs around together as if they were one, constantly covering each other, watching each other's backs, and protecting each other in times of need. In order to execute this properly, though, you will need players on your team who are very team-play oriented. All-in-all, it's a very solid strategy; it is, however, a bit on the conservative/defensive side.
    Goal: The goal of your team when using this strategy is to completely seal off the "front side" of the level. This includes the following areas: RL, Quad, Yellow armor, and Pentagram. This essentially keeps your entire team on one side of the map, making it easy to know where your teammates are at all times. It also makes the RL area extremely hard to retake (for the other team), as you will have up to four guys in there at a time.
    Focus: The RL area, although quad is equally as important. As with almost all Dm3 strategies, maintaining control of the RL area is critical. However, the quad is also vital to this strategy because it is used to keep things under control in the RL area, as well as clean out enemies who have RLs.
Why does it work?

    There is a very specific reason why this strategy works, and it is summed up in one word: Defense.
    Yep, that's right, defense wins the game. In almost all instances, whether it is in real war or in Quake, the defense has the advantage. This is especially the case when:
    A. The defense has more firepower. When this strategy is executed, you not only have control of the three most powerful weapons in the game, you also have control of the most powerful offensive artifact in the game, the quad damage. The quad's only weakness is the glow that it emits when being used, which makes the quaded player an easy target when going around corners. But when used on defense, the quaded player doesn't have to go around any corners, but instead just sits and waits for the enemy to come to him.
    B. The defense knows where the enemy is coming from. Oftentimes, the defense loses because they were surprised. However, in this case, there really is no way of surprising the defense. There are only a couple of ways to get into the RL area, all of which are obvious and can be detected easily. The only direction of real incoming threat is from the other side of the level, where the enemy can get stocked up with RA and SNG.
    C. The offense is not at its strongest when they attack. Although the enemy can get the RA before attacking, the likelihood of them making it into the RL area unscathed is very slim. They must first get past the two quad guys, one of which probably has the quad damage. Because they'll probably get knocked off the ledge while attempting to make the quad jump, they'll all be going from the bottom entrance to the RL area… right to where the RL guy sniping at that exact entrance is waiting. By the time they get past the quad guys and the first RL guy, they will either be dead or down to low health without much armor. At this point, they are no real threat, as one rocket blast will kill them.
    On a side note, another big reason why this strategy works is due to the fact that the entire team is close together. When one of the quad guys die, the other quad guy is right there to help out and save the pack once he kills the enemy. In addition, the other 2 RL guys are within only a couple seconds of helping out. If the RL guys see both quad guys die, they know immediately to seal off and cover the two top entrances into the RL area. (The enemy will most likely be coming from there) And likewise, when both RL guys die, the quad guys can come to take back the RL area immediately, and even attack from two different directions. (From YA side and pent-window side) Packs are also very easily saved because there are multiple teammates around the area at all times.

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