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DM3 Strategy Guide
    In this section of the strategy guide, I'm going to go through, detail by detail, how each and every strategy available on Dm3 is played. Do not just read and skim through the strategies and pick one at random for your team. What you need to do, whether you are a captain or the member of a team, is to look at and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both you and your team's game, so that you can figure out exactly which strategy suits you and your team best. Figure out which positions your players (and you) are good at. Then figure which of your players work best together. You'll also need to recognize what kind of style your team plays with. Is your team a lot like a "run and gun" offense, or are you more of a conservative/defensive team? Slowly but surely, you'll see the pieces fall together like a puzzle… and hopefully, in the end, you will have a team that is working to its fullest potential.

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