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DM3 - The Abandoned Base Team Guide
    After many countless battles and clashes on the battlefield, one map has risen to the top of the heap as the best map for team play - DM3. This map contains every weapon in the game, a yellow and red armor, as well as a quad, pentagram, and a ring of invisibility. Although there is only one rocket launcher in the game, the size of the level and the strategic locations of all the weapons, armors, and power-ups make the level perfect for team play.

Objects in the level
  • All the weapons
  • Quad
  • Pentagram
  • Ring of Invisibility
  • Yellow armor
  • Red armor
  • Three 100% health boxes

Level Description

The level is divided into four main sections and seven key areas: The Front Section

    - Rocket launcher area
    - Yellow armor area
    - Quad area
The Center
    - Mound area
The Back Section
    - Red armor area
    - Super nail-gun area
The Outside
    - Pentagram area

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