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Red Armor Room
First in the RA Room
    You always want to be the first one in the RA room:
    1. If you are both hurt and you are in the RL room, you have the upper hand.
  • You are on higher ground, thus the chances of you shrapping him with a rocket are better.
  • He only has two entrances that he can come in from, whereas you can be anywhere in the room.

    RA Room

  • As soon as you pick up the RA, the tide is turned severely in your favor.
  • There are a lot of places that you can stand to ambush him, from all different angles and directions.

    Ambush Spot #1

    Ambush Spot #2

    Ambush Spot #3

  • You have an easy escape route to the GL. Whereas for him, once he commits to attacking, he has to run down long, straight corridors to escape.
Keeping the enemy at bay from the RA area
    1. With Grenades:
    Using the GL against enemies attacking from the bottom can be quite effective; however, if they are attacking from the top (from the GL), you will have a hard time hurting him, without leaving yourself severely open and vulnerable to attack.
  • Tossing grenades at the entrances of the corridors
    This is a great way to keep the enemy out long enough for you to snag the RA.
    Why it works:
      1. Grenades fire at a rate almost two times faster than the RL, so you can cover the entrances really well by flooding the corridors with grenades.
      2. Grenades bounce - unlike rockets, you don't just have to shoot at the entrance and hope the enemy walks into them. If the enemy is waiting around the corner, bank the grenades off the wall. Additionally, because they bounce, they can reach a lot further (around the corners of the corridors), and thus will force the enemy to take even more time before he can rush in.

      Grenade Bounce 1

      Grenade Bounce 2

      3. You might bounce the enemy. Usually what happens when you start tossing the grenades at the corridors is that the enemy will decide to charge in if/when there is a lapse of fire. When he charges in, he'll likely take some damage from exploding grenades. If he manages to rocket jump up before you hurt him too bad with grenades, your chances of killing him are a lot less. However, your best chances of killing him is to hope that one of the grenades bounces him underneath the RA… in which case you can flood the area with grenades and keep him pinned down underneath, until of course, he dies.
      4. As with rockets, a direct shot to the face hurts like bloody hell. Although the chances of hitting him with a grenade in the face are not too bad, the chances of hitting him with two grenades in the face are not very likely. By flooding the entrances into the RA room with grenades, he will probably be hurt before he attacks, in which case you might not need two direct grenades to kill him.
  • If you have rockets
    Switch to the RL as soon as you see him rounding the corner. He'll be hurt by the grenades you dropped earlier, so it shouldn't take too many rockets to finish him off.
    2. With rockets:
    Using rockets to keep the enemy at bay is pretty simple. Just shoot rockets at the entrances of the RA room until the RA reappears.

      Rocket Keep Away

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Controlling the Level
Below the RA Platform