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Covering the Basics
    Arguably the most popular deathmatch map in Quake today, "The Dark Zone" (DM6) offers a balanced playing field that is seen so rarely nowadays in one-on-one maps. Being that it is the most popular map, it is also the most often played; and thus, strategies do not vary greatly amongst different players. What usually separate the winners and the losers are the little things - the tricks, traps, and element of surprise that can turn the tide of the game in a single stroke. Here, in this strategy guide, we will pick apart DM6 until every strategy is laid out, every trick and trap is unmasked, and every hiding spot is found.

Items Available

  • 1 Super shotgun (SSG)
  • 1 Nail-gun (NG)
  • 1 Super Nail-gun (SNG)
  • 1 Grenade launcher (GL)
  • 2 Rocket launchers (RL)
  • 1 Lightning gun (LG/Shaft)
  • 1 Ring of Shadows (Invisibility/Eyes)
  • 1 Super mega health (100% health)
  • 1 Green armor (GA)
  • 1 Red armor (RA)

Important Areas of DM6
(in no particular order):

    Green armor room
    (GA room)

    Lightning packs corridor

    Grenade launcher platform
    Upper ring (GL platform)

    Red armor room
    (RA room)

    Lower area

    Lightning gun hole
    (LG hole)


    100% Health room
    (100% room)

Areas to Control
(in order of importance):

    1. Red armor area
    2. 100% health area
    3. Green armor area
    4. Grenade launcher platform
    5. Lightning gun hole
    6. Lower area

Respawn Spots
(in order):

    Although it has become a standardized practice nowadays to use randomized respawns, it is still extremely important to know where all of the spawn points are on every map. Every time you kill your opponent, listen carefully for the respawn sound. If you know all of the spawn points, you can use the process of elimination to narrow down where he might be.

    1. Hole near green armor

    2. Short corridor between
    RA and lower area

    3. Hole above 100% health

    4. In between GA stairs and
    lightning packs corridor

    5. On top of health pack in
    lightning packs corridor

    6. Hole near
    grenade launcher

    7. Hole behind RA

The Key to the Level is… the Red Armor room

    Without a doubt, control of the RA room is and always should be the focus of a DM6 game. Check the "Controlling the Level" section for more details.

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