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Castle of the Damned - 1 on 1
    E1M2 is a very well balanced level. Although there is only one RL in the game, the level is big enough and has enough good weapons to deter people from camping at the rocket launcher. When one player has the yellow armor, the other person can usually get the green armor and the 100% health. All in all it is one of the most balanced 1-on-1 levels in Quake and can be played with or without quad.

    This is the level I played against Entropy in the final match of Red Annihilation. Demos of the match from both of our perspectives are available for download, but admittedly there is less to learn from watching this particular match, as we both attempted to play very conservatively due to the huge stakes involved - John Carmack's Ferrari. And with that said, on with the guide!

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