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Console Commands

Here is a list of some of the basic console commands. The complete list with comprehensive descriptions can be downloaded in the form of a zip files here:-

Console commands in text format
Console commands in html format
Console tutorial in text format
Console tutorial in html format

Console Links:
Console Command Pages

Console Commands:
Impulse x Where x = 1-255, mainly for weapons and cheats, listing for all impulses can be found in the next section below.
color x y Where x = 1-14 and y = 1-14, x changes color of top and y changes color of bottom, if x is only specified then top and bottom are the same.
color 0 =
color 1 =
color 2 =
color 3 =
color 4 =
color 5 =
color 6 =
color 7 =
color 8 =
color 9 =
color 10 =
color 11 =
color 12 =
color 13 =
color 14 =
+forward Move forward
+back Move backward
+right Turn to the right
+left Turn to the left
+moveright Strafe to the right
+moveleft Strafe to the left
+attack Attack
connect x Where x = server IP address, connects to server
crosshair x x = 0 or 1 (off/on)
gamma x Changes level of brightness. Example:- 0.5 = lighter, 1 = normal, 1.5 = darker. (Doesn't work in GL Quake)
+jump Jump
+lookdown Looks down
+lookup Looks up
lookspring x Where x = 1 spring back, where x = 0 keep looking, when mouse button is released
messagemode Turns on talk mode
messagemode2 Turns on talk mode to teammates(people with same color pants)
+mlook Turns on mouselook
+movedown Swims down
+moveup Swims up
pause Pauses the game (will work in multiplayer on some servers)
ping Shows the ping of all players
playdemo file.dem Plays a recorded demo file
save Saves the game
say "xxx" Works the same as messagemode, except this is easier to bind a phrase to a key with
say_team "xxx" Says something only to your teammates
screenshot Takes a snapshot of the screen and saves automatically
scr_conspeed 500 Sets speed of raising and lowering the console, 500 is default
sensitivity x Sets sensitivity of mouse
+showscores Shows deathmatch scores
skill x Sets level of skill nightmare = 4, easy = 1
tell "playerx" "xxx" Tells only the selected playerx xxx
toggleconsole Brings down the console
+togglemenu Brings down the menu
vid_describemodes Describes possible video modes
vid_mode x Where x = 1-10, changes to selected video mode
Impulse -1 Quad cheat (Single player only)
Impulse 1 Axe
Impulse 2 Shotgun
Impulse 3 Double barrelled shotgun
Impulse 4 Nailgun
Impulse 5 Supernailgun
Impulse 6 Grenade launcher
Impulse 7 Rocket launcher
Impulse 8 Thunderbolt
Impulse 9 All weapons and keys (Single player only)
Impulse 10 Toggle weapons up
Impulse 11 Get a rune (Single player only)
Impulse 12 Toggle weapons down
Impulse 20 Pass a backpack of 20 ammo of the current weapon (only works on some servers)
Impulse 21 Pass the current weapon (only works on some servers)
Impulse 22 Grappling hook
Impulse 23 Show flag status
Impulse 25 Display current team settings for the server. This shows what modes are enabled from the following:
Players receive no health damage from teammates' attacks.
Players receive no armor damage from teammates' attacks.
A player who attacks his teammate will receive the same damage the teammate would have received, had he not been protected.
Any player who kills his teammate will be penalized frags. The number of frags to penalize is adjustable by a simple edit in the teamplay.qc file.
Any player who kills his teammate will burst apart in a bloody mess.
Players will only be allowed to be certain colors. Team colors can be specified for up to four teams in the teamplay.qc file. Players who have illegal colors when they enter will be put into the team with the fewest members. Any player who changes team (pants color) will be fragged and their frag count is reset to zero.
Players will not be allowed to change teams.
Drop-Items (Backpack Impulse 20, Weapon Impulse 21)
Players will be allowed to drop ammo and weapons. IMPULSE 20 will drop a backpack and IMPULSE 21 will drop the current weapon. You can't drop the axe or single-shotgun.
Capture the Flag is active.
Impulse 31 Axe
Impulse 32 Shotgun
Impulse 33 Double barrelled shotgun
Impulse 34 Nailgun
Impulse 35 Supernailgun
Impulse 36 Grenade launcher
Impulse 37 Rocket launcher
Impulse 38 Thunderbolt
Impulse 39 Grappling hook
Impulse 69 Switches between supernailgun and thunderbolt
Impulse 99 Brings back coordinates
Impulse 146 Axe
Impulse 255 Quad cheat (Single player only)

Single Player Cheats & Secrets

Console Commands:
god turns on god mode
fly enables fly mode
kill commits suicide
notarget enemies don't attack until provoked
noclip walk through walls
give s # gives # (where # = a number) of shotgun shells
give n # gives # of nails
give r # gives # of rockets/grenades
give c # gives # of cells
give h # gives # of health
give # gives weapon #
map e#m# warps to the episode and mission specified
impulse -1 quad cheat
impulse 9 all weapons and keys
impulse 255 quad cheat

Level Secrets

  • All Quake Levels