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What is CTF?
Capture the flag introduced something was that was missing in original Quake: Goal Orientated Teamplay. The game is played by two teams, red and blue. Both teams have a base with a flag in it. The goal is to steal the other team's flag, while not allowing the other team to steal your flag. On Oct 2nd 1996, David "Zoid" Kirsch sets up the first Threewave Capture The Flag server. CTF (in various forms) went on to become the most popular Quake mod ever made.

What do I need?
There are two different versions of CTF: Classic and Custom. To play on a Classic server, you don't need to download any files. Just connect to the server and you're off! To play on a Custom server, you need to download a .zip file containing new graphics, levels, and models. Click here for a list of ftp-servers with the file.

What is ThreeWave Capture the Flag?
ThreeWave Capture the Flag is a teamplay Add-on for Quake. This is the original CTF add-on, and although many variation came out, you can't go far wrong if you only download this version. Most of the remaining CTF servers just run either classic CTF (nothing needed) or ThreeWave.

What are runes and grapple?
CTF introduced a couple or things in addition to goal orientated teamplay: runes and the grapple. The runes give different powers to their holders. On a classic CTF server you will find 4 runes randomly scattered around the level: Resistance, Strength, Haste & Regeneration. For more information on runes, follow this link.
The grapple is a spike ball attached to a chain. When the spike ball hits an object or wall it sticks and you're drawn towards it as long as you hold the fire button down. With it you can reach high platforms that normally aren't accessible. For more information on the grapple, follow this link.

David "Zoid" Kirsch: "The runes are all about control, control the runes and you can take control of the level. Good CTF teams take great care in protecting their rune bearers and placing them in strategic positions. As for the grapple, after seeing how it was being used so effectively in CTF, I felt it was too fast. A player could be gone before you had a chance to even blink and that made it too powerful. But, it became part of the game and players worked to accommodate it."

Threewave CTF Downloads:
ThreeWave CTF Client v3.01

ThreeWave's first CTF level pak. Download this file if you do not have CTF installed. Readme help file is included.
ThreeWave CTF Client v4.0

ThreeWave's second CTF level pak. You really need to download BOTH client paks.
ThreeWave CTF server v4.21

The final version of the ThreeWave CFT server. Download if you wish to setup a Threewave CTF server. Readme file included.

Other version of CTF including All-Star CTF & ThunderWalker CTF, can be found on the main CTF site -

CTF Links

Threewave Software The main CTF site on the internet.
CTF Bot A CTF playing bot. Instructions are included. Quick_setup.txt CTF map pak.