[death at dm5]
[the CO2 quake comic]
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[this and that]
    i was always wondering what the quake guys were doing when i wasn't playing and what's going on in the dark and dangerous clusters of the 1.38gb quake-folder on my harddrive.

    dm5 is my favorite level. although i experience "death at dm4" quite often (hot, hot, hot...) i've chosen dm5 instead, as it's a map with a lot of nice places that suit the plot best.
[dadm5 and the "real" world]
    this comic is not intended to be a competitor to dank & scud or any other quake comic, as it's designed in a totally different style. i'm a perfectionist, and so the images may look more like taken from a travel folder than from a real quake session, but i'll not excuse myself for any lack of realism, explicit language or missing things.

    well, maybe...
[software / hardware]
    the images are screenshots from quake 1.08, processed with corel photopaint, corel draw and corel capture 7.0 on a p200mmx with 64 megs of ram in 1027x768 and 540x450 and then sized to 50%. the models were edited with meddle 2.0p
[lgal crap / downloads]
    you're not allowed to use any part of this comic for commercial purposes, but you're allowed to copy [dadm5] as a whole for non-profit reasons. if you want to mirror [dadm5] or store it compressed, please contact [nop], as we want to keep track and list the mirror/download sites.

    all html code and images are ©1997 by [nop//CO2]. if you feel offended by any of the pictures and/or texts, we don't care.

    for a list of download sites see the [files] section at http://www.planetquake.com/co2/
    many credits go to:

  • [christopher bolin] and [kenneth scott] for all the skins used in this comic.
  • [id software] for the future of home entertainment.
  • [tek], [void] and [braindead] for their support.
  • [jeff phillips] for hosting [CO2] on www.telefrag.com for so long.
  • [planetquake] for hosting [CO2] on www.planetquake.com/co2/ now.

    the whole thing took about 200 hours of work and 100 packets of lucky strike (hmmm, two hours for 20 cigarettes...), the 81 1024x768/24bit source pictures are exactly 123.637.400 bytes all together.

    but who cares, anyway...

    [nop], december 18th, 1997
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