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Installing Quake

So, you have your Quake CD which you picked up for a fiver in the bargin bin at Electronics Boutique. Surely you just install the disk, and away you go?... Wrong!

Original vanilla flavoured Quake was never meant for todays computers/graphics cards, or even the internet for that matter. You probably can run the game straight from the CD, but it will look, and run like a dog.

Behold, the patches....

Essentials: This patch has to be installed before everything else. Once you have unzipped the files to you Quake directory, remember to click on patch.exe file to complete the patching process. Install this patch after installing You don't need to click on anything this time. Just unzip the file to your Quake directory. Winquake v1.0. Whether or not you are actually going to run WinQuake, you might as well install this patch. It's small, and you may need it later if you start messing around with bots and mods. GLQuake v0.95. Again, even if you are not going to use GLQuake, install it anyway as you may need it in the future. Also, if you are planning to install ProQuake (see below), you will need to install a version of GLQuake first.
glq1114.exe GLQuake v0.97. Newer version of GLQuake. You don't need to install GLQuake v0.95 to run this. Comes with it's own installer. Official release. GLQuake 0.98 (alpha version). Slightly modified v0.97. Includes FOV (field of view) support. Not an official release, but quite safe. If you are going to install ProQuake, don't bother with this. (Dos) IDgamma V2.0. Basically, regular GLQuake is too dark. This file helps you lighten it. See below for before and after IDgamma. Newer Quake exe's such as JoeQuake, QRack, Darkplaces, EZQuake & FuhQuake wont really need Idgamma. (Win) IDgamma95 V1.1. The was a later Windows version of Idgamma.

Before IDgamma

After IDgamma

Pro Quake

Pro Quake is a modification for Netquake specifically intended to improve deathmatch play. Simple but useful additions/improvements make this download a must for people hoping to increase their deathmatch performance. It's probably worth a download just for the crosshair ajustment. NetQuake is renowned for having inaccurate crosshairs.

ProQuake: GL ProQuake V3.50. The latest offical version of GL ProQuake. Read the included "readme" & "manual" text files for more information. Win ProQuake V3.50 As above, only a Win Quake version. Again, the "readme & "manual" text files are included in the zip file. Linux ProQuake V3.50. As above, only a Linux version for the OS challenged amongst us... j/k :) ProQuake Security Module. This is required to run or connect to a cheat-free server ProQuake approved loc (location) files. Create a locs subdirectory in your quake\id1 directory put the loc files there. More instructions can be found in the ProQuake manual. If you get stuck - email me. The ProQuake source code.

Client side & server side improvements and more information can be found on the original ProQuake page, here.

Other Files

Miscellaneous Files: 16 Bit Textures Opengl32.dll For GL Quake. Copy this opengl32.dll to the Quake folder overwriting the old 8 bit opengl32.dll and enjoy richer, more vivid colors. Only really worth it for Voodoo cards 2 and lower. This is a crack for Quake. Why would you need that if you have the full Quake CD? Well strangely enough, I have needed it on occasions. Not exactly sure why, but Malice for Quake wouldn't install until I "cracked" it.
qw230.exe QuakeWorld V2.30. Bah, what evilness is this? Oh, what the hell, here is the QuakeWorld patch if you MUST have it...