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Quake Expo 2006 - 10 Years

Preliminary planning for Quake Expo 2006 honoring 10 years of Quake is underway spearheaded by Scarecrow of Inside3D. There is not yet an official location for discussion of this event, although Scarecrow for now is collecting feedback here. More updates on Quake Expo 2006 will be forthcoming.

20 Apr 2006 by Baker

Bomber.IronRocket.Com CA+

There is a new CA+ server in town administered by Phenom and Mindf!3ldzX of Clan SNS (Since Ninety Six). The IP address is (this is a Quake server, not QW).

To kick off the activity, there will be live commentary on Saturday night's matches on the map "sanity" by Bank of Quake Radio fame. (Quake Radio Pilot, Quake Radio #1, Quake Radio #2, Quake Radio #3)

If interested in participating in the playing activity on Saturday night's grand opening or finding out more about listening in: Saturday Night Signups

In other news, the Quake server has a special new chatting effect never before seen in any Quake mod. Very innovative! Players huddle over when doing in-game talk.

19 Apr 2006 by Baker

QuakeOne Navigator

A project to map out most of the Quake development sources and provide a great starting point for anyone interested in mapping, engine development or searching for general resources is complete.

The QuakeOne Navigator is geared towards locating specific types of resources that are scattered around on various sites.  Although it is complete, it is also continually being improved.

Input in the shape, form and files and which resources to include were accumulated from many individuals and sites, including Func_Msgboard, Inside3D and help from a number of developer types.

15 Apr 2006 by Baker

Format Change
I'm removing the news and the shoutbox from QuakeTerminus shortly. I'm tired of spam, and bored of updating. If in the unlikely event of an announcement, I will stick it in the forum which is staying on site. QuakeTerminus will out last all other Quake websites... but don't expect me to put any effort into it.
13 Apr 2006

Shambler Remains Found
News has come in from several distinguished news sites that frozen shambler remains have been discovered close to the polar ice cap. Professor D J Ekauq, Department of Anthropology, Univ of Alaska Anchorage was at the scene to comment. "The remains appear to date back some 12,000 years. Recent climatic change have revealed the upper portion of the beast. Who would have thought this mythical creature actually roamed the planet? We are all very excited by this find."

We are still waiting on digital photos, but in the mean time, we do have this dig site mock-up -

01 Apr 2006

Forum Registration Drive
In an effort to up the rate of joinage to the Forums, a Registration Drive is being put into action. Any who join the forums within the next two days will receive a custom title by posting here. Get joinin'!
17 Mar 2006 by Bank

Quake on a Play Station Portable
A player has been encountered playing Quake on the internet with Play Station Portable. He tells us how he did it here:

Quake on a PSP
17 Mar 2006 by Baker

Quaketerminus Forum
I never really posted about the new QuakeTerminus phpBB Forum. It's been up for a while, but when my site host moved QuakeTerminus onto another server over the weekend they messed up the database. D'oh! I've reloaded the forum, and it's again open for business. CheapAlert, Bank and myself are admins (thanks guys). Drop by if fancy it. smile

QuakeTerminus Forum

12 Mar 2006

A few of us have been working on a new quake website that's nearing completion, The idea behind the site is to provide all the information and downloads new players need to play quake, and provide a general Quake community site not focused on any particular server or mod.

Despite it closing in on it's 10 year anniversary, many still feel Quake is the most fun online game around. It has great, balanced gameplay that just feels more fun and satisfying than games that have came along after it. Not everyone has the time and interest to learn a new game every few months, or spend all their time and energy acquiring resources in MMORGs.

But the quake community has been dwindling because new players haven't known where to start because there hasn't been one easy place that explains where to get an appropriate client, get it set up, and find a server with a game. We aim to change that with QuakeOne.

We aren't looking to replace any other sites, but rather setup something that we feel is missing from the Quake community. Mostly we want to attract more new players and players who haven't played it years to Quake. If you like this idea, come check it out at, tell your friends about it, or help out any way you can!

Primary contributors to the effort: Steve, Yellow No. 5, Baker, Apocalypse, Hydrosmoke, Bam, Zop, Sputnikutah

Visit the site:
08 Mar 2006 by Baker

Qake: New Bonus Map
FrikaC has found some spare time to bring out a new map for his humorous sidescrolling Quake1 lampoon: Qake. The new map is simply called "'bonus map" and is not based on any original or aftermarket Quake map. FrikaC warns - "The difficulty level of this map is quite high, so frustration will probably set in for you." I've spent a little time on it, and he's not joking.

The Files:
1. Qake: Full Standalone Download (2.9mb, version 022706)
2. Qake: Bonus Map by FrikaC (35kb)

The Links:
1. FrikaC's Qexpo Qake Booth
2. DJQuake Archives

Deej drew some very funny Quake comic strips between 2003 & 2005. Check out the above link for the archive. Had DJQuake ever been a real Quake engine, it probably would have looked exactly like Qake.

02 Mar 2006

Nirvana Quake Mods by Arwing
They are back! After of an absence from the Internet for some 4 years, Arwing's Nirvana mods are once again downloadable. Better still, Christopher Dozier a.k.a Arwing has found time to go through the code, produce a patch and make some rather spiffing promo videos. So without futher ado, QuakeTerminus is very proud to present :

Nirvana: Life of The Fighter

Nirvana: Life of The Fighter is a SP and COOP compilation modification for Quake1. Also known as Nirvana 8 and Nirvana : Awakening of the Artificial, the mod features aggressive FrikBot AI and 28 awesome looking imported models. The new patch Arwing has released for Nirvana: Life of The Fighter has additional support for the multimodel subsystem.

Download Nirvana: Life of The Fighter Here (21.4MB)
Download Nirvana: Life of The Fighter Patch Here (305kb)
Download Nirvana: Life of The Fighter Promo Video Here (9.36 MB)

Nirvana: Life of The Fighter Promo Video

Yummy Eye Candy!

Minion : Ten Feet Under

Minion : Ten Feet Under carries on the work of an original game was made by Coffee. It incorporates Arwing's own mod design and can be played as a chessboard-based arena team or 1on1 sport. The mod is also know as Nirvana 10.

Download Minion : Ten Feet Under Here (28.7 MB)
Download Minion : Ten Feet Under Promo Video Here (18.9 MB)

Minion : Ten Feet Under Promo Video

Let's Party
12 Feb 2006

Site Refurb
It's going to take a while to complete, but I'm hoping to get everything done by the end of the week. I'll be adding a forum and an on-site shoutbox. I hope people approve of the new colours. I wanted to make things a little brighter. smile

I don't know what the future of QuakeTerminus will be. The site wont be going anywhere, but after nearly five years, I'm getting the urge to move on. Perhaps somebody out there would like to take over complete control of it (Baker?). It's something you have to want to do, and not feel you have to do. If there are no takers, it will just stay as it is.
17 Jan 2006

Merry Christmas
Couple of days early, but have a great Christmas everybody! smile
23 Dec 2005

Computer, She Go Boom.
Slight exaggeration, but I need to sort out my hard drive. This and the fact that I'm moving house in a week means the website is going on the back burner for a little while.

Fortunately, the site seems to be stable and all content downloadable. When I get back online I'll sort out the news dates and posters names out. I'll add some kind of forum, and I'm thinking it's probably time for another Quake competition. I can't promise the prize(s) will be as good as the John Romero signed CDs, but I have some time to work on something ;)

For those who missed the news - My old host dropped of the face of the Earth. QuakeTerminus is now hosted on with 3GB of webspace and more importantly unlimited bandwidth. The site's news was scrambled, and the old comments and forum are unfortunately lost.
08 Dec 2005

Quoth Expansion Pack

A new single player expansion pack from Kell and Necros has been released following the theme of the Lost Chapters.

New monsters, weapons and power-ups, security drones.

Read more on Func_Msgboard
01 Dec 2005

ReOL Tough Trivia
In honor of George Fiffy week -- ok, I just made that up, heh ... ok, in honor of filler material because nothing big is going on at the moment ...

Some ReOL tough Quake Trivia:

1. Where is the exit on the END map? There IS one.
2. Which is more powerful? A rocket or a grenade?
3. ID Software implemented a special feature in GL Quake that can only be used in one place on one map. What is the feature and what is the map?
4. How much damage is required to kill a zombie, not just knock it down.
5. Name all monsters that can kill themselves with their own attacks.
6. Can monsters open doors? Yes or No
7. How many direct rocket hits does it take to kill a Shambler?
8. 150 Yellow Armor, 100 health. Can you survive a Quad rocket jump?
9. Which damages you more: doing a rocket jump or shooting an opponent at point blank range with the rocket launcher? Why?
10. If you stand on top of a Scrag, it will move up like an elevator. Does the Scrag enjoy this?
11. In July 1996, what operating systems could run Quake?
12. E1M8 Ziggurat Vertigo is a secret level in Quake. What is the other secret level and how do you get there?

No rewards or prizes, just the great reward of being the bestest and demonstrating to others how totally Quake elite you are laughing laughing

On November 11th, I'll post answers to all the questions and list who provided the correct answers first. Just post answers/attempted answers in comments. Correctly answered questions are credited to the first correct responder per question.
01 Dec 2005

Quake.Intertex.Net CTF
A successful effort to rev up CTF action has been going on at the Quake.Intertex.Net server. GameStatus.Net already shows 65 players for this week alone, and the week has just begun.

The Intertex server supports standard CTF and RuneQuake-style binds (+hook, etc.) and is scanned by GameStatus.Net and has games going on every evening.

With some luck, this server may absorb the CTF players left in the void when the Trinicom CTF server, which had been busy 24/7 for years on end, suddenly dried up.

01 Dec 2005

After much nagging, the forum is on the way. laughing Warning - it is going to be basic as I don't have a working MySQL database or CGI bin, and I have lost a lot of control over this website (I don't even know who actually hosts it anymore lol). I don't really expect it to be a hugely busy, so simple should be okay. At least people can ask questions and comment if they so wish. The URL will be The default setup is there already - it just needs customizing.
01 Dec 2005

JoeQuake 0.15 - Many Changes
JoeQuake 0.15DEV (first release) is now available and has many ambitious changes.

Among the many changes, and there are far more than normal, are an in-game name maker, ProQuake BESTWEAPON support, FuhQuake cl_smartjump support, MD3 support and full keypad binding support.

Additionally, JoeQuake supports on-the-fly volume adjustment commands complete with volume bar (volumeup/volumedown), mouse look and multiplayer optimization in the menu, takes screenshots as JPG by default, and inverse squaring of shadows.

There are many other changes, some not completely functional as this is a development release, such as pings in the scoreboard, ProQuake iplog and FuhQuake-style auto-id and server list.
01 Dec 2005

Stolen Q1 News From the WWW :)
KGB|romi has updated his Q1 RealTime Lighting Project with some screenshots. Quite honestly, I don't know how I missed this awesome project. 3 years in the making and every original Quake1 map painstakingly re-lit, with dynamically cast, high-res shadows on all models in the game. Darkplaces engine is recommended although works with other engines supporting .rtlights. I can't wait to try it. [[News from European NetQuake Community]]

Husker has been announced as the winner of the Quaddicted logo competition. There was a very high standard of entries, and all the submission can be viewed - Here. Well done to everybody that entered. [[News from Quaddicted]]

Func_Msgboard has the news on Tronyn's new Q1 SP behemoth : The Masque Of The Red Death. . It is a seven story nightmare castle, packed with hundreds of monsters and challenging horde combat. More details are on Tronyn's site, and downloads are here & here (fileplanet). Reading the readme is a total must, as this map is very "high-end" and will not work in regular Quake 1 clients. [[News from Func_Msgboard]]

John Romero's dad has died. My sympathy goes out to John and his family. The news was posted on John's site a couple of days ago :

Speed Demos Archive have updated with a new batch of faster-than-light map running marvelment. The majority of the news record are ID maps (hooray!). Head on over and download those eye-popping demos now!
01 Dec 2005

Quake Retexturing Project - 5.2 MB
Here is an unofficial installer I made for the Quake Retexturing Project that weighs in at 5.2 MB and decompresses to 10 MB.

All of the high resolution textures in this pack are exactly double the resolution of the original ID Software textures. The file size of the texture files reduced using the same PNG super-compression techniques used to make Yellow No. 5's Texture Pack.

The download is available in both the form of an EZ Installer and a 7-Zip format archive.

Download: Windows XP/98 EZ Installer (5.5 MB)

Download: 7-Zip Format (5.2 MB)

This download works in PNG supporting Quake engines, known to include the following: JoeQuake, QRack, Tremor and Quakeworld clients EZQuake and FuhQuake. There are a lot of other Quake engines, see their docs for details.

Clients without PNG support, like for instance Tenebrae, will need the official Quake Retexturing Project archive which is in TGA format.

The Quake Retexturing Project textures are very faithful to the originals, and is one of the longest standing projects to improve Quake. The project is led by Up2nOgOoD[ROCK] and Moon[Drunk] is the primary active texture artist.
01 Dec 2005

Go Logo Loco
Spirit over on Quaddicted want help with a new site logo. If you want the prestige of seeing your logo on this world famous Quake website, pop on over to This Post on the Quaddicted site. All submissions to be posted by 8pm GMT on the 12th of October. Please PLEASE help him get rid of that pink thing he calls a logo.

Update: Congratulations to Husker for coming up with the winning logo, head over to Quaddicted now to see the winning logo along with all the other entries.
01 Dec 2005

Speedmap Pack #105
This weeks theme was "What if these two maps mated?" Drew, generic, Neg!ke, and Tron all all whipped up contributions for this weeks speedmapping goodness. Download Pack #105 : Here , leave comment for the mappers : Here, and go visit the SpeedQ1 site : Here .
01 Dec 2005

Quakers Made In Brazil
A video has been made by the Brazilian Quake community.

Download location:

Quakers Made In Brazil (209 MB)

The video features 9 minutes and 22 seconds of skill shots and trick moves by Brazilian players on maps DM6, DM3, END and CMT4.
01 Dec 2005

X-Men Ravages of Apocalypse TC full version released to the public!
ZeroGravity offers the full X-MEN TC and QC source code up for download! Not only you can legally get it for free now, but also legally tinker with the QC source.

You can download it here!
01 Dec 2005

Secret Maps
Speed map pack 104 (SM104) has been released. The theme of all the maps is finding secrets to progress onward.

6 maps from: drew, generic, Hrimfaxi, Neg!ke, Tron, and Voodoochopstiks.

Quake Speed Mapping site

Further information and comments available on Func_Msgboard.
01 Dec 2005

Triple Mod Installer
A new NetQuake installer is out and includes all files required to play on ...

Beatdown Alley ( Rune mod developed by IEEE 802.11 and Dolemite with many inventive runes. Runs custom maps.

DeadZone ( Rune mod written by Painkiller with damage based player skins and outstanding sound effects. Excellent custom maps and models.

Rocket Arena ( and the Brazilian Rocket Arena servers. All custom maps, optional sounds.

Download location: Triple Installer (27.3 MB)

Note: if you intend to play on a ProQuake cheat-free server then delete quake-id1-progs-player.mdl; the damage-based model is considered modified.
01 Dec 2005

New Single Player Map: Antediluvian
Antediluvian is a Q1SP heavily inspired by The Wind Tunnels (e3m5) by Tim
Willits. Metlslime (the map's author) started work on it in 2001, but only this year picked it up and finished it. Coop mode is also supported, but not necessarily balanced.

More info, screenshots, download, and comments over on Func_Msgboard.
01 Dec 2005

Watcha :)
I just thought I would post a quick update. Sorry for the lack of updates by myself and Louise. I've been busy doing up my house before getting it on the market, and Louise has been busy with her kids over the summer holidays. She also has a very cute new kitten called Spirit, which it proving un-put-down-able (can you believe that's a word!). Many thanks to Baker and VB for posting in our absense.

I've added google ads to all pages of the site. They are in a pretty unobtrusive
format and any cash generated from them will go towards competition prizes. I'm not holding my breath though... I've made 83 cents in a year on the QT Google search hehe.
01 Dec 2005

Research: Quake Weapon / Armor Models
With some initial assistance from Teqnohaxor, vb and some of the other Besmellians, I decided to kick off a small search for weapon and armor models in Quake.

After a great deal of time with Google and searching forums, I found a great number of these and decided to make a little reference. Due to space limitations, this doesn't include every model I found (some models look aweful), but made a quick reference that shows some diverse high quality models around Quake.

It's not perfect, there may be --- and probably are --- categorization errors. I did the best with what I could do.

For the full size chart: click here Rune Central doubles as my research lab for this sort of thing, and if you are aware of any interesting finds, you can post in that thread.

This little mini-project started off after realizing the risk that some of these things might blink out of existence. Preservation of Quake is something that is needed, fortunately we largely have that for maps and mods; models seem to be scarce and very difficult to find, however.
01 Dec 2005

QRack Available / Official Site
QRack is a Quake client formerly known as JoeQuake Pro that is a highly ProQuake-ized modification of JoeQuake by SputnikUtah.

QRack supports ProQuake iplog, loc files, weapon selection aliases, say_team variables and most other ProQuake functionality including team scoring totals in the status bar.

In addition, QRack has a few extra graphics effects added in such as outlining and corona support.

QRack site and download location:

01 Dec 2005

The Cure for Gravity
Some say you hurt the ones you love. I guess that sort of explains the Quake physics abuse in my new Quake tricking video, The Cure for Gravity.

Like Ever Increasing Physical Abuse, it contains multiple audio streams and thus requires a decent video player like VLC or a stream switcher like Morgan Stream Switcher. Pick your aural poison!

Download: Blueyonder Teqnohaxor
01 Dec 2005

Interview with Phait
Phait, who is currently working on System 4, (an add-on episode of Quake) has done an interview with DorKwolf over on RetroQuake where you can find the answers to the following questions:

What made Phait decide to do a back story to Quake?
Why did Phait decide to map for Quake instead of a newer game?
What kind of features will we be seeing in System 4?
Will there be any multiplayer options?
Is there a specific engine Phait is gearing it for?
The screenshots that we have seen so far; will we see any other variations?
Are there any mappers out there that have influenced Phait’s style?
Will Phait’s music for System 4 resemble Quake’s original soundtrack?
Lastly, What are Phait’s thoughts on the upcoming Quake4 and Quake Wars?

You can also find out more and view the System 4 trailors here
01 Dec 2005

Besmella Quake Forum has a new PHPBB based forum. Mike has installed the forum which boasts an some nifty features including a (soon to be implemented) news tie-in feature. Touch base with those lovely Besmelliods on the Besmella-Quake Forum
01 Dec 2005

Questions for John Romero
For all you fans of John Romero, he has agreed to do an interview for both Quake Marine and DoomMarine and you get to ask the questions. Submission of questions will run for 1 week starting Monday July 25th and ending Sunday July 31st at 11:59 EST.

Only one question from both Quake and Doom fans can be submitted to either site, so think carefully what you would like to ask him. Only the top best questions will be asked at the interview. The interview will be posted on both sites after QuakeCon. Want to know more and submit a question go to here
01 Dec 2005

Quake SP Speed Maps
Speed map pack 100 (SM100) was released yesterday. It includes 3 maps from Generic, Pulsar and Zwiffle. More information and screenshots over on Quake Speed Mapping.

Also released just today, is SM82: Rubicondom. Loosely referred to as a speed-chain-map, this sucker took the combined efforts of PuLSaR, Zwiffle, distrans, RPG, and NotoriousRay 13 months to complete. Should be definitely worth a download. More info and comments on this map are over on Func_Msgboard.
01 Dec 2005

Qexpo 2005 site now up
The Qexpo 2005 site is at long last up and running and can be found here

From now until the start of qexpo next month (10th-20th August) the site is accepting booth signups so if you're a mod, map or Quake 1 engine author, and have something to demonstrate, advertise or release during the Quake Expo now is the time to signup.

Update: The official Qexpo forum is up and running here.
01 Dec 2005

News Bytes
Very briefly for the lazy among you...
01 Dec 2005

In-Game Quake Name Maker
JoeQuake will soon be featuring an in-game "Cool Quake Name Maker". No more downloading utilities or visiting the Online Quake Name Maker site to make a cool Quake name.

Making a cool Quake name has always been something complicated. Newbies asking this simple question have always been in shock as to the complexity of the answer.

At last, one more piece of Quake will be available to the masses and no longer the domain of the veterans.

Newbies shouldn't have to use Google to find out how to make a cool Quake name and then follow page long instructions to do something like make a cool Quake name.

JoeQuake will also soon be featuring the ProQuake Bestweapon command that allows a user to bind a key that chooses a user-defined "best weapon" available. Typing Bind ALT Bestweapon 8 5 3 2 1 in the console and pressing ALT, for instance, would select the lightning gun, super nail gun, super shotgun, shotgun or axe and never the rocket launcher, grenade launcher or nail gun.

Experienced players use that command to quickly select a close quarters combat weapon that won't result in killing one's self. There are other fine uses of this feature, but this is a prime example.
01 Dec 2005

QuakeCon 2005 update
QuakeCon has announced that QuakeCon 2005 has now doubled in size. Instead of the original 32 participants, QuakeCon will now feature 64 of the world's best female gamers who will be playing for $30,000 cash! May the best girl win. Before you ask, no I'm not one of them laughing although I could certainly do with the money.

Additional information on QuakeCon is according to Game spot the programme has now been finalized. In just over a month not only will there be the first public multiplayer demo of Quake 4 but the conference will also feature new footage from and details on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.
01 Dec 2005

100 Megabytes No More! 9 MB Texture Pack.
The Quake One Development Team has released a texture pack known as "Yellow No. 5's Texture Pack" for JoeQuake and QRack that weighs in at just slightly over 9 megabytes smashing all size records for a Quake hi-res texture pack.

This texture pack contains 531 map textures (many from the Quake Retexturing Project), several hud graphics, weapon models, monster textures and item textures plus a custom character set.
Click screenshot for slide show


JoeQuake EZ Installer (1.70 MB)
Yellow No. 5's Texture Pack - EZ Installer (9.03 MB)

Complete texture packs for Quake historically range from 100 MB to 200 MB in compressed format and decompress to take up vastly more hard drive space, often nearly 1 Gigabyte.

The Sub 10 Megabyte version of this texture pack is a 9.08 MB Easy Installer for Windows comprised of 100% PNG format graphics that decompresses to use a mere 12.6 MB of hard drive space.

This texture pack is compatible with JoeQuake and the upcoming QRack engine . The textures are a collection of textures that work well together which were organized and tested by Yellow No. 5 and now used by several Quake players. These textures come from various sources, primarily the Quake Retexturing Project and QRack's pak file and includes a very cool lightning gun effect by Yellow No. 5.

If you have never used JoeQuake or custom textures before, they really do make Quake a totally different experience.

Click here for a full size in-game screenshot using the 9.08 MB texture pack -- which also plays with lightning speed, btw. There are likely to be more beautiful, "lite and mean" texture packs made available in the future.

Meanwhile, Megazoid will probably be a little dazed and confused about something in particular I did here ... hehe laughing laughing laughing
01 Dec 2005

WOW! 50,000 more already
I know this news is a little late coming as the 150,000 mark has now already passed, so please forgive me but things have been rather hectic of late for me.

Congratulations Megazoid, I feel extremely pleased for you that it has only been just under 11 months since Quake Terminus hit the 100,000 mark. I feel very privileged to be a part of it, may it continue for many more years.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed over the years (sorry, too many to mention all of you), for whom keeping this site going would have otherwise been impossible.
01 Dec 2005

Winners of Q1 CD's Signed by John Romero
The 3 lucky people out of the hat were :
  • Gábor Hugli (a.k.a. B3nt from Hungary)
  • David Queener (a.k.a. scar3crow from USA)
  • Dominic Evans (a.k.a. Oldman from UK)

Commiserations to people who didn't win a CD. There were 20 people with correct answers by the close of the competition. Better luck in (hopefully) one of our next competitions.

The answers :
1. E2m6, The Dismal Oubliette
2. This question was voided (everybody got it right). The answer could have been 17 based on the quake manual.txt & source/menu.c. If you based it on Worldspawn map names, then it was 22. If you went for only names with a capital "T", it was 6 hehe.... oops.
3. The rocket launcher may fire every 800ms (0.8 of a second).
4. 6 pellets
5. American McGee (Tokay)

The Spot-the-Difference :

P.S. John Romero said congrats to the winners.
01 Dec 2005

Competition Closes at Midnight +1 Minute GMT
The competition to win one of the 3 Quake 1 CD signed by John Romero close at 00:01 tonight GMT (Sunday GMT). If you haven't entered, you have a few hours, so get cracking! Louise and I will pick the 3 lucky winners from a hat containing people who sent in the correct answer after midnight at some point and post the results.

Thanks to everybody that entered. The response has been really, really great (apart from some nameless killjoys on Func_Msgboard).
01 Dec 2005

Happy 9th birthday Quake!
HELL YEAH IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY, thank you for all those great QuakeC-hacking, networked multiplayer gaming, lightmapped times. <3

I may be a day late but it's better later than never.
01 Dec 2005

Free CTF Quake
Baker brings news of an interesting project designed to pull in some fresh blood into the world of Quake 1. You can now play Capture The Flag (CTF) on a Clan-Rum server just using the free Shareware version of Quake. There is a really easy to follow step-by-step guide here - If you are competely new to Quake 1, and don't have a full version, now is you chance to taste CFT/Mulitplayer action. More information in Baker's post, and on
01 Dec 2005

Easy Level E2M3 Done Quicker
Stubby has updated (SDA) with just a single run update. It is a massive 9 seconds off The Crypt of Decay (e2m3) easy run by Peter Horvath. Head on over, and check out 22 seconds of pure style.
01 Dec 2005

Win One of 3 Quake CD's Signed by John Romero!
It's competition time again over on Quake Terminus. Win yourself one of 3 Quake 1 Cd's signed by the man himself, the game making legend - John Romero! John Romero has been kind enough to sign some Q1 CD's. There is a very neat signature in silver pen on the CD itself and a different remark on the inside cover of every CD. These one off prizes are enough to get any Quake fan drooling.

How to Win :
The competition is in two parts: 5 Quake 1 questions, and a Spot-The-Difference done by the lovely Louise. The questions are straight forward - just answer them as best you can. With the Spot-The-Difference, you need to compare the image below with the Quake Terminus logo, and find 10 differences. It would be best if you could ring the differences in an art program and send in a copy. If this is not possible, describe all 10 differences.

Questions :
1. Which level does the Vore first appear on? (assuming you play the episodes in order)?
2. How many of the original Single Player levels start with the word "The"?
3. How often in milliseconds can the rocket launcher fire?
4. How many pellets does the (normal) shotgun fire?
5. Which mapper was responsible for "e3m7 - The haunted halls?

Spot the 10 differences

Rules :
Competition closes on Sunday 26th June, so submissions must be in by then. One submission per person please!. You must include your name and home address in the competition entry (all personal information will be deleted after the competition). Submit answers to :

Many thanks to John Romero and his wife Rhaluka for their kind help to make this possible. Thanks to my lovely girlfriend for the Spot-the-Difference Art work and the idea. Thanks to one of the SDA boys for pointers.
01 Dec 2005

Slight Change Due to Spamming
Sorry about this. I hate do this, but comments to news post can only be added by registered users of QuakeTerminus. QT has been spammed to hell by evil poker/porn pushing pimps! May they burn in the flames of hell. The good news is registering for the site takes two seconds. You will find the link here, and permanently in the menu on the left.
01 Dec 2005

13 New Reviews - RetroQuake
RetroQuake have updated again with a massive 13 reviews of Quake 1 & Quake 2 maps. Well done RetroQuake, keep bashing them out.
01 Dec 2005

Tales from the Void
Tales from the Void is my 10th Quake video, featuring frags, bores, tricks, recams, sync & custom Quake media. 123MB for just over 6 minutes of mayhem. Download from Blueyonder HERE.

01 Dec 2005

Rhaluka's Weblog
John Romero's wife Rhaluka now has her own site : Rhaluka, a native Romanian, has recently joined John Romero in America after finally sorting out protracted visa issues after their marriage. You can actually read the John & Raluca's story on, along with Rhaluka's daily musings. Hop on over.
01 Dec 2005

RetroQuake Weekly Quake Level Quiz
RetroQuake is starting a "Guess the Quake level" weekly competition. There's new shot every Sunday morning along with the winner for the last week. Head on over, and test you encyclopedic level knowledge.
01 Dec 2005

Pyromaniacs v1.0 Released
Adrian Shephard has just released Pyromaniacs v1.0. Pyromaniacs is a fire combat Quake 1 mod designed for Single Play (Frikbots) and Multiplayer. This mod is best played with Darkplaces, but will work (kinda) with GLquake. If you play this in GLQuake, don't forget to clear the contents of your Quake/ID1/glquake folder first (or the models mess up). Visit Adrian Shephard's site, his Moddb page, or just download the mod here.

01 Dec 2005

Nexuiz Released
Years in the making, Nexuiz is a brand new, completely free, stand alone multiplayer FPS based on heavily modified Quake 1 source code. Nexuiz contains 17 maps, 28 playable characters, and 10 music tracks - all licensed under GPL, making it free to download, use and mod. It is cross-platform, and supports Windows and Linux "out of the box", with Mac support on the way.

Don't be fooled by the fact that Nexuiz is based on Quake 1 source. It features realtime lighting and stencil shadows, bumpmapping, gloss, bloom, and totally rewritten network code that supports up to 64 players on a single server. You can check out the screen shots here.

Freeware, stand alone multiplayer FPS's have done really well in the past. Enemy Territory & America's Army both were big hits. Lets hope Nexuiz will prove to be the next in line.
01 Dec 2005

Qexpo 2005 - Date Set.
I meant to post this a week ago, but the organisation for this year Quake Expo (a.k.a. Qexpo) is moving along (a bit) thanks to the guys at . The event looks very likely to be held between August 10th - 20th. I'll be applying for a booth for QuakeTerminus of course. Can't wait
01 Dec 2005

New Fitzquake Release
Metlslime has just released version 0.80 of Fitzquake, the popular Quake1 engine. Updates in this version include :- map loading 4x faster (cool), change video modes without restarting (nice one), cvar control of anistropic filtering, refresh rate and vsync (erm.. who with the what what?), cvar control of max_edicts, r_showtris support, and a typical long list of bugfixes and optimizations. Head on over to the Fitzquake Site to grab the new version.

Thanks to Spirit from Quaddicted for the heads-up.
01 Dec 2005

Canadian*Sniper Dual Weapons CFG
Daniel Smith A.K.A Canadian*Sniper has been kind enough to send in a new Quake1 weapon configuration file. It's a very well documented fast weapon switching cfg file that I have added to the Configuration Files section. Sorry for the late post on this Daniel. The direct link to the file is : HERE.
01 Dec 2005

Last True Quakers Down
The Last True Quakers site is down, and I'm guessing it might not come back. Who knows what exactly happened to it, but there is a new site waiting in the wings to pick up the slack. The new site is still under construction, so I'm not allowed to give out any details currently (mhuhuhu, I love being evil). I will say the project is headed by Steve who won the "(first) 2005 QT Competition" a few months ago. Good luck with the project guys.
01 Dec 2005

Retro Quake Back
What's this ... real news? *Ahem* DorKwolf sends word that after a 3 year update absence Retroquake is back with a site redesign and some new reviews. The site has a neat new uncluttered orange look and looks ready for business. There are 5 new Quake2 review and a promise of some Quake1 reviews (woot!) later this week. Welcome back Retroquake

Edit : DorKwolf has just added 6 Quake1 reviews today! (27th May 12:46pm)
01 Dec 2005

QuakeTerminus Merchandise

(click for larger pics)

Actually it's not merchandise at all, it's a one off I did for Louise as a present. Thought I would post some pictures of it. I think she fills it out rather well.
01 Dec 2005

Want the latest snoop on Quake 4?
Check out the latest UK PC Gamer magazine (June 2005 issue). It has 8 pages of gossip on Quake 4, with lots of screen shots. The graphics look outstanding from what I can see.

According to PC Gamer, Quake 4 will be released at Christmas. I recommend anyone interested in the latest Quake 4 news to go out and get this magazine, except for Megazoid who can have a look at my copy.

01 Dec 2005

Ever Increasing Physical Abuse
A QuakeWorld tricks video by myself, featuring THREE audio streams!

You will need either a video player that supports multiple streams, for example Media Player Classic, or a stream switcher for your current player, for example Morgan Stream Switcher.

Weighs in at 100MB. Download it from Blueyonder HERE.
01 Dec 2005

Hurrah! for Besmella-quake
Well done and congratulations to VB and the team. It is nice to finally see you back up and running again. You have truly been missed. Let's hope with various contributions, you can successfully keep it going without anymore problems. All of us here at Quake Terminus wish you a very long and happy future.
01 Dec 2005

Upcoming event to watch out for!
Just to let you know Megazoid hasn't forgotten about Quake Terminus but Megazoid and myself have been planning another competition for all you quake fans to take part in.

It will be about a month before the competition is up and running, but here is a little taster to wet your appetite!

There will be a little difference to the theme of the competition from ones done in the past (difference being a clue). Part of the competion is going to contain a spot the difference game, which should make it fun for those who enter the competition.

The prize of course will be that of quake cd's but these wont be just any cd's, we are priviledged to have none other than John Romero to sign them for us. Thank you John for kindly agreeing to do that for us.

That's all the information we can give you for now. You will have to keep checking in if you want to find out more nearer the time.
01 Dec 2005

I've had this sitting on my desktop for 2 months now meaning to do a post about it. I'm not sure it got posted anywhere apart from the Func_message board, and it's just too funny to fade away. It's a new grunt model called Ptolomeus (or Floyd) by Madfox. I have 2 versions and I think they are in this order: older version - newer version.

01 Dec 2005

ParadokS versus CrazyMac
I've made a video of a famous QuakeWorld demo, the idea being to show how a typical game unfolds, and how nice the game can look these days.

ParadokS versus CrazyMac on the map End is a famous QuakeWorld demo. When I was looking to select a match to present, I wanted a game with content enjoyable to veterans, and easy to understand for newcomers. I hope I've chosen well ;)

Features 720x480 25FPS XVid video, 44KHz 320kbps CBR MP3 audio, and is 145MB in size. Download from Blueyonder HERE.
01 Dec 2005

Quake banned ? have some worrying news that Quake is fast becoming banned in many countries! Check out to find out the reason for this amazing turn of events. I am completely gob-smacked.
01 Dec 2005

Get Your Votes In
Speed Demos Archive is currently launching The Nolans 2004 Award Show which will take place on Sunday, April 3rd 2005 and they want as many votes in as possible. Have a look at the nominated demos from 2004 and select your favourites.

Voting closes Sunday, March 27th 2005, leaving you with just over two weeks to get your votes in for those who wish to take part.

And I would also like to wish Megazoid a speedy recovery as he is currently suffering from a bad case of the sniffles. Get well soon!
01 Dec 2005

Doom board game is now out!
Whilst roaming the internet I discovered that the demons and zombies of Doom 3 can now march into your living room even when the computer is turned off! The game is available from fantasyflightgames

The game features 66 plastic miniatures based on the characters of Doom 3, the largest being 80 mm tall.

It also contains multiple scenarios and a custom dice. The game can be played by two to four players taking up to two hours to play.
01 Dec 2005

Augmented Reality Quake
I was surfing the net looking for usless facts like "how to build a stun gun from a disposable camera" when I came across The ARQuake Project. Augmented reality is the overlaying of computer generated information onto the real world. These nutters use head mounted displays, mobile computers, head trackers, and GPS systems to provide inputs to control the game. Using ARQuake, you can walk around in the real world and play Quake against virtual monsters. Odd looks from passers by, possible arrest and institutionalism I would imagine are the side effects.

01 Dec 2005

The Hunted: Chronicle 1 is out
The first part of The Hunted mod has been released. It's a rather challenging survival mod pitting you in a three-floor house, all alone with nothing but a knife and a pistol (to find). It's also stand-alone, so you don't need Quake to play it. You can get it here.

01 Dec 2005

Besmella-Quake busted!
Besmella-Quake is down with server problems at the moment. Looks like a strange Quake site virus is doing the rounds. How bizarre. I hope VB and the team sort it out quickly. Get well soon !!
01 Dec 2005

Quake Commercial Mods
Just a quick update to say there have been additions to the Commercial Addons section (2/3rds down on this page). I've added AfterShock, Dark Hour, Eternal War & QZone For Quake. Most have download links to the full games as they are, lets face it, abandonware.

Random Fact : Scourge of Armagon is 8 years old (this month). Sometime in February 1997 Ritual Entertainment's very first product (then known as Hipnotic), the Quake 1 mission pack Scourge of Armagon, went gold.
01 Dec 2005

Competition Winners !
Louise had a tough job marking all the entries. The majority of people had all correct answers, so it was mainly down to Question 10 - the tie-breaker. Lots of funny ones, but after much deliberation we had to pick the 3 winners. Here we go...

First Place Steve Caponetto
10. You know you spend too much time on Quake Terminus when you dream about Megazoid, even when you're not sleeping!

Second Place Wouter Ruythooren
10. You know you spend too much time on Quake Terminus when you wouldn't mind Megazoid to sign an original Quake CD. (lol)

Third Place Gunter (Aaron)
10 You know you spend too much time on Quake Terminus when you check the site for updates during every level change intermission while you're playing Quake :)

Again, thanks to everybody who entered and promoted the competition. Could the winners contact me with addresses so I can post out your prizes. Gunter, erm, let me know if you want it signed or not hehe.

** Important Update ** Despite saying one entry per person, c0w and Dj Deiter are the same person. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to disqualify him for cheating. Second Place / Third Place winners have been changed to the above ones.
01 Dec 2005

The 2005 QT Competition Closed
The 2005 QT Competition is now closed. Can I just say a big thank you to all who entered and to Sassa, VB, Spirit of 85, Morfans and others for helping to get the word out about it. We had approximately 25 people enter the competition which is a damn good turnout (more than expected). Louise is busy marking, and she is going to give me the results later today. In the meantime, here are the answers....

Q1. Okay, straight into problems with this question. Many sources (including Blues News & Planet Quake) say June 24, 1996. However, John Romero who put together the shareware distribution of Quake, has the date as June 22, 1996. So we accepted both answers.

Q2. We were expecting "Rabbit Run" tRR engine, but also accepted Engines that had the same ability (Example: Ezquake).

Q3. John Carmack.

Q4. Trent Reznor / Nine Inch Nails (we took just Trent Reznor or Nine Inch Nails).

Q5. Tuesday, June 26, 2001.

Q6. 38 in total (32 single player + 6 deathmatch).

Q7. ID Software

Q8. TC & TW (see here)

Q9. Tim Willits and his sister Theresa Chasar. (Source: here & here)

Q10. That was up to you ;)
01 Dec 2005

The 2005 QT Competition by Louise & Megazoid
Finally, your chance to win some great Quake 1 prizes! We have some petty neat Quake 1 stuff to give away next week. Competition is open to all (worldwide) and will be judged by my lovely assistant to keep things fair. Also, thank you Louise for supplying most of the questions. Prizes are as follows (disks supplied in jewelcase only) :

First prize : Original Quake 1 CD & Abyss of Pandemonium (original & rare!)
Second prize : Original Quake 1 CD & Scourge of Armagon (Mission Pack 1).
Third prize : Original Quake 1 CD, signed by Megazoid (erm.. if you want).
01 Dec 2005

"Lost" Quake mod - Giana Quake
I've known about it this mod for years, but never seen it in action. It's only "lost" in the sense that there wasn't a download for it on the net. Made in June 1997, Giana Quake is more of a 2 level demo for a full-blown Quake conversion that never happened. It's actually very well done. Think Super Mario Brothers but with a girl and that's Giana Quake. This mod is designed for WinQuake only! It will work in GLQuake, but it will look terrible. Zip file contains install instructions. Anyway, enough waffle - here's the download : Giana Quake

01 Dec 2005

You probably think The Megazoid has slipped into a bear-like hibernation. Not so, you of little faith. The Megazoid has been hard at work purchasing some solid gold Quake Prizes!!!! YES, within a few days, you will have a chance to win some ORIGINAL 100% genuine rattle snake venom, neil armstrong's moon boots QUAKE DISKS!!!!

Sure you can warez Quake these days, but there is nothing like owning those original Quake classic disks. You will have a chance to own one shortly. Stay tuned Quakers for the 2005 Quake give-away.
01 Dec 2005

Happy New Year
Just a quick post to wish anybody that ambles this way a very Merry Christmas Happy New Year!. That's all. Move along now please.
01 Dec 2005

New Nehahra Engine Release
Mindcrime posted a Nehahra Engine update over on the Nehahra Project website. Bengt Jardrup has been working on the original nehahra.exe source to iron out a lot of the bugs that managed to slip through during development. The new exe and information on it, can be found on Bengt Jardrup's Homepage.

I've been waiting for such and opportunity to actually play Nehahra. Believe it or not, it's about one of the only Quake mods I've never completed. No idea why. I think the enhanced AI "owned" me too much. Time of another go.
01 Dec 2005

New Quake Humour From Entar
Well, the Quake Humour Pics section on QT hasn't changed since the site was created, mainly because the only new Quake1 humour in years has come from DJQuake, but Entar has submitted one of hopefully a new stream of "old skool style" Quake1 funnies. These will be posted in the news section, and preserved for all eternity in the Humour Pictures section. Anybody is free to submit by the way. Email me.

01 Dec 2005

FrikBot 0.10.2 (FBXb) Released
I was kinda surprized when I read that FrikaC had been tweaking FrikBot. As frikaC says himself - "I can't believe I'm updating it after all this time." The new version addresses some serious problems discovered with FrikBot over the last few years. The new version can be got from the FBX homepage.
01 Dec 2005

Cheyenne Mountain Complex - SP Map
JPLambert has released a new Quake Single Player map base-based map called CMC "Cheyenne Mountain Complex".

Download from here.

01 Dec 2005

Wazat's Razor
William of Occam (1284-1347). In his writings, Occam stressed the Aristotelian principle that entities must not be multiplied beyond what is necessary. This principle became known as Occam's Razor, a problem should be stated in its basic and simplest terms.

.. and now for something completely different. Wazat' Conquest mod, where simplicity and clarity just ain't even on the checklist. Wazat has updated his site with news of new attacks, new weapons, possible enhanced AI and some reduction of monster on monster rage (one presumes some sort of counselling sessions).

News source : Spirit of 85's Quake Weblog
01 Dec 2005

Hmap2 build 20041118
Inspiring title huh? Spirit of 85's Quake Weblog has the news on LordHavoc's Hmap2, quake map compiler update. The latest bug fix mean that Hmap2 checks for incomplete brushes, removes them and prints warnings instead of exiting. Check out the news for a full list of improvements.
01 Dec 2005

This Just In....
Breaking news QuakeTerminus readers - The website is still down!

It's an old joke.

Actually, its nice to see so many sites with Quake1 news these days. Func_Msgboard, Besmella-quake, Planetquake, Quake Weblog & The Last True Quakers are all worth a daily visit. I have recently added The Last True Quakers site to the list of main links. I don't know how long they have been about, but it's another good resource for Quake1 to add to your bookmarks.
01 Dec 2005

Improved Quake (IQ) Complete
Improved Quake (IQ) is a progs.dat mod designed to improve monster AI to give old Quake pros more of a challenge. It also includes locational damage and a few other surprises. Entar, the mods designer, has posted the news over on Mod Database. The download link for IQ can be found at the mods homepage here or directly from FilePlanet
01 Dec 2005

New NetQuake Server
Trouby over on European NetQuake Community lets us know there is a new 100mbit NetQuake server on the block. Give it a test on either:
IP - Port - 26000
IP - Port - 26001
01 Dec 2005

Inside3d Forums
The new phpBB forum over on now has it's old trademark black and electric blue colours again, and very nice it looks too. CheapAlert & FrikaC had a hand in retro fitting the old colour scheme. The Inside3d forums are a great meeting place for people into Quake C coding and all things Quake 1. Go pay them a visit.
01 Dec 2005

Replacement Quake Weapons
Plague has updated his site with some replacement Quake weapon models. I've got to say, the 24bit skins are some of the best I've ever seen!

You will need a modern Quake engine to get these running. I haven't tested which ones these work in but I assume Xquake 1.06, Fuhquake, DarkPlaces and similar Quake engines. Also, as VB ploints out, you will have to install the files into the correct folders within Quake. mdls go into id1/progs or qw/progs, and the skins go into id1/textures or qw/textures. News source for this was

01 Dec 2005

Mapping Events
Func_msgboard has the news on a couple of Quake1 mapping events. The first being the weekly Speed Mapping event organised by Zwiffle. Check out this forum posting for addition details (like where to submit before Saturday if you need to).

Event: #SM90
Theme: Babylon
When: Saturday, November 13th, 2004 @ 3:00 pm central (9:00 pm GMT)
Where: (IRC Chat) Server =, Room = #speedq1

The other event is a Winter/Norway Q1SP 1000 Brush Map Pack being organised Blitz. If you are up to submitting a 1000 brush map (up to 1000 brushes I assume) in a style in keeping with the DKT Norway texture pack (DKTe3 .wad), go read the post. Better be good work though, because Blitz has the final cut on who goes in the map pack.
01 Dec 2005

Quake1 Mapper Interview
More stolen news from Megathief. VB from has done an intereview with Zaka, a prolific QuakeWorld Deathmatch mapper from Finland. Check out the interview here.
01 Dec 2005

Quake News
I just wanted to give another "big up" to Spirit of 85's Quake Weblog. He's really on the ball with all the Quake1 lastest news. Sometimes beating the omnipotent Jube on Planet Quake and certainly kicking my ass when it comes to the Q1 news scoops. Add him to your daily Quake links if you want to keep abreast of the lastest developments.

01 Dec 2005

4Kings Looking for Painkiller Players
Another news story with a tenuous link to Quake. UK pro-gaming clan 4Kings are looking to signup new (UK only) Painkiller players to swell their already bloated ranks. Initially they will hold an online qualifier that will narrow down the applicants for LAN finals in London between the 3rd and 5th of December. The whole event is to be filmed by Simon Bysshe.

4Kings will offer the lucky winner a year contract so presumably they can harvest yet another stack of prize money for 4King coffers. Personally I hope the LAN winner has his own financial backing, so he can spit on the 4King contract, and enter himself as an independent.
01 Dec 2005

Book: The Making of Doom3 have annouced that the The Making of DOOM 3 (by Steven Kent) is now available from or I personally haven't played Doom3 beyond playing a couple of levels, so I really can't comment on the game. Doom was my first FPS and I suppose you could say I have, erm "fond" memories of playing non stop over a Christmas break until I had motion sickness, carpal tunnel syndrome and a fear of large satanic demons.
01 Dec 2005

Id Tattoo Contest
Slightly older news now, but the unofficial Quake Tattoo contest run by IDsoftware's Todd Hollenshead is still open. If you happen to have a Quake related tattoo, and you don't mind the world seeing it, you could win a free copy of DOOM 3 + strategy guide + new "Making Of DOOM 3" book (signed by Todd). To find out how to submit your tattoo, go visit Todd's weblog here. I've sent mine in, and I've also submitted Arkon's cool tat.

01 Dec 2005

Nehahra Update From Mindcrime
Mindcrime has updated the Nehahra Project Website, with talk of Nehahra tweaks, a possible 4th and final Nehahra episode, Mindcrime's pet single player project - Obscurus, and some tantalizing talk of jaw dropping new Quake effects. Go check out the news on the Nehahra Project site. You could probably leave some feedback here on the Func_Msgboard site.

01 Dec 2005

Quake1 Speed Mapping
Zwiffle has again thrown down the Quake1 Speed Mapping gauntlet . No need to sign up, just show up build. The Speedmapping Thread

  • Event: #SM89
  • Theme: Decay
  • When: Saturday, November 6th, 2004 @ 3:00 pm central (9:00 pm GMT)
  • Where: (IRC Chat) Server =, Room = #speedq1
01 Dec 2005

Besmella Quake Hits Half Million
Besmella.Quake has reached the 500,000 site hit mark (even though their counter says 430,000 - see their post). Congrats to VB and Besmella.Quake's long list of contributors and supporters. Of course hits mean nothing and with my superior content, Besmella.Quake is no match for Quake Terminus, but I wish them all the best for the future.
01 Dec 2005

Quake Blog
There is a new source for Quake News : Spirit of 85's Quake Weblog. The unusually named Quaker - "Spirit of 85", has created a really nice Quake Weblog site, and has been religiously updating with Quake news on a daily basis. This is definitely one to add to your favourites, and show some support by leaving him a comment or two.
01 Dec 2005

The Worlds Biggest QuakeWorld LAN
Damn, that's a sweet news title. Just when you though Quake 1 was packing it's bags and catching the last train home, QH-LAN proves it ain't all over until the fat lady sings. Jube, the resident newshound from PlanetQuake has the low down on QHLAN8. Apparently this Swedish QuakeWorld LAN event is just going from strenght to strenght. Last winter they had to turn people away. Go check it out.
01 Dec 2005

Speed Mapping - This Weekend !
Have you ever mapped? Do you ever want to map? Do you feel you would probably burn in the flames of hell if you dont QUAKE1 SPEEDMAP this weekend? Then join us, yes that's right, Lord Megazoid and the ubiquitous Zwiffle for a speed mapping bonanza the like of which the world of Quake has never seen... Okay so it's just me and him so far... join us? sad

WHEN : Saturday, October 23rd, 2004, on in #speedq1 at 3:00 pm Central time or 9:00 pm GMT (UK time).

THEME: Geometric.

Submissions can be sent (in advance) to : when you're done.
01 Dec 2005

New SP Quake Map : "For My Babies 100"
For any Quaker that doesn't read Quake 1 news on PlanetQuake or Func_Msgboard (shame on you!), there is a new Quake1 Single Player map out. "For My Babies 100" by Mike Woodham. Mike is a talented old school Quake1 mapper, and his latest offering certainly doesn't disappoint. Try it out to get those Quake1 juices flowing. The Func_Msgboard post can be found here.
01 Dec 2005

European NetQuake "Reunion"
As many people have noticed, European NetQuake Deathmatch is about as dead as a door nail. There are still active servers, but almost nobody plays anymore (apparently European QuakeWorld is still fairly active). RBO (Freestyler from QuadQuakers) is trying to reverse this turn of events by reanimating the old European Netquake community. Signup your interest here :
01 Dec 2005

Id Museum
There's a new ID Software homage site on the net : The Id Museum, designed and maintained by Daniel "15th Rampage" Brito. The site is not quite 100% yet, but certainly coming along nicely. With a (nearly) complete listing of Id Software games, articles and other Id Software facts and figures, it's the perfect site for Id-philes like myself.
01 Dec 2005

Almost 100,000 hits
Well, I guess it's news. I'm kind of chuffed about it. QuakeTerminus is about to hit the 100,000 hits mark! Thanks to all the readers and contributors to the site over the years. It has been one of the best things I have even been involved with (gets all emotional). I love you Quake gals and guys.

Special thanks to (no order):
BuurVrouw, Hein, Cheap Alert, Tei, Jube, Jackhammer, Monk, Razor, SilkWorm, Sir Henry, Beast *god, I've just realized this list is impossible*, Morfans, Stubgaard and all the awesome speed runners at SDA , CocoT, Wazat, FrikaC, RenegadeX, coburn, LordHavoc, Xsniper and all the guys from, *deep breath in*, Tomaz, Bram, Ender and all the peeps from, Scampie, Starbuck, LTH, Vondur, metlslime, HeadThump, PuLSaR, necros, Fat Controller, and that bitch Shambler, and all the talented mappers from Func_Msgboard, the guys from European NetQuake Community, Underworldfan, Deej, SeienAbunae, Quest, Koolio... sigh okay I totally give up now. I'm bound to miss hundreds of people, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. laughing

And to my best friend Louise. Thinking about you like always.
01 Dec 2005

OpenQuartz Update
I'm a little late on this (sorry by Toddd), but the OpenQuartz project has been updated. As you probably know, OpenQuartz is a project to supply GPL artwork to create a fully GPL game based around the GPL Quake sourcecode. It's nice to see the guys over in Galbraith Games are still working OpenQuartz. I really admire their work, it's always been really top quality, "free" and "open source" (GPL and LGPL).

Changelog on version 2004.07.11:

  • BOT SUPPORT! When in deathmatch, just hit the "End" key or type "impulse 101" at the console now.
  • The deathmatch maps (currently we have 13) are now accessible through the menu system.
  • There is an experimental new gametype "Deathmatch 7" wich works with singleplayer maps.
  • A new map and new sounds and new monsters have been added.

Note from the OpenQuartz Team : To become a full replacement for Quake, the project still needs replacements for several of the original monsters. So if you created Quake models in the past, feel free to contribute smile

01 Dec 2005

Huge Telejano release, version 8.01
Telejano 8.01, its released with a intense gameplay package that include enhanced weapons models, dm2 textures a better e1m1 map, and a full new quake episode.

Engine changes:
* Faster single player
* Full scripted menu system
* New netcode upgrades, backward compatible
* New particles theme design
* Robust Code, paranoid enough to run Nehara and broken content
* Better Internet gameplay with optional netcode compression and prediction.
* Films enhancements (demo rewind, pause, savetoavi,...)

Download (21.7 MB)
01 Dec 2005

JPLambert has followed up his well received debut single player map
(Hatchepsout : The temple of Hell), with a DM map called Bunker. Both
maps can be downloaded from JPLambert's site : here. Leave
commend for JPLambert over on Func_MsgBoard.
01 Dec 2005

Well, I don't seem to be updating more than once a month at the moment. I must admit, my interest in Quake 1 at the moment is pretty low, but I doubt that's a permanent thing. I've also lost my login for the Inside3d forum which doesn't help. If you wish to become a news poster on this site (no HTML knowledge needed), drop me an email to quake.terminus[insert @] CheapAlert also has full news posting powers, so let him know if you wish to promote your Quake projects or maps.

  • Anyways, Djquake has updated today with a new guest strip from Sestze. Deej also upped a new comic on the 7th. Me like.

  • There's been quite a few new Quake 1 maps over the last month. Speed map packs (cont...)
  • 01 Dec 2005

    Speed Mapping Pack #75
    That miserable, argumentative, trolling albino wookie - Shambler has the heads-up on the new Speed Mapping Pack over on Func_Msgboard. The theme was "Make a map with Doom restrictions" with Nane, Scampie & Fries Zwiffle submitting maps. The download zip and comments can be found on Func_Msgboard.
    01 Dec 2005

    As you may have noticed, news updates have been sparse this month. I'll try
    to catch up.

    • First off, for those living in a cave, back up after a long hiatus caused by server issues. Welcome back
    • Since my last update Speed Mapping Packs 71 & 72 have been released. These can be downloaded from There was no session this week.
    • Turtlemods. The guys over on Inside3d have produced another bag of Quake Mods. There's an Archery Mod from Mauve. Avoid the Light by Supajoe (which I couldn't really get to work) and the rather groovy mod Recoil by Wazat. More information on Recoil can be found over on Wazat's Site.
    01 Dec 2005

    Nolans 2003 Results
    Well, I've just come from the SDA Nolans 2003 Award Ceremony, and I must say it was a fun packed 90 minute event. Presented by a host of stars including Arnie. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and the cast of Lord of the Rings. Here is a list of the results, and many congratulations to the winners.

    • Best Id Run (Skill 0 and 3) : Jozsef Szalontai for e1m5_017

    • Best Id 100% (Skill 0 and 3) : Thomas Stubgaard for e4m3_351

    • Best Mission Pack Run (Skill 0 and 3) : Dane Plachetta for h1m3_046

    • Best Mission Pack 100% : Denis Nazarov for hdm1_033

    • Best Custom Episode Easy Run : Peter Horvath for dm1x_008

    • Best Custom Episode Nightmare Run : Peter Horvath for dm4x_009

    • Best Custom Episode Nightmare 100% : Carl Tholin for rde_328

    • Best Custom Level Easy Run : Denis Nazarov for ch3_020

    • Best Custom Level Easy 100% : Martin Selinus for arun_012

    • Best Custom Level Nightmare Run : Martin again for hor_024

    • Best Custom Level Nightmare 100% : Stubgaard for rr_042

    • Best Marathon (skill 0 and 3, Run and 100%) :
      Tie between Marvin for ee3_246 and Stubgaard for ne1_1153

    • Best Coop Run (skill 0 and 3) :
      Robert Axelsson & Rickard Axelsson for end_015

    • Best Coop 100% (skill 0 and 3) :
      Thomas Stubgaard & Mads Peter Stubgaard for e2m6_207

    • Coolest Trick In A Demo :
      Jozsef Szalontai - e1m4_018 (double fiend push)

    • Most Violent Demo : Thomas Stubgaard for e2m5_202

    • Favorite RotW Contest : RuneRun by Connor Fitzgerald

    • Quake/SDA/QdQ Event of the Year : The Rabbit Run Movie

    • Rookie of the Year Award : Connor Fitzgerald

    • Most Improved Player Award : Connor Fitzgerald

    • 2003 Player of the Year : Thomas Stubgaard

    • Fool of the Year : President George W Bush

    • Lifetime Achievement/Living Legend/All Time Great Award :
      Ilkka Kurkela - The first one to explore and use bunnies properly, and the man with the most id demos ever!

    01 Dec 2005

    Speed Demos Archive & The Nolans
    The Nolans 2003 Award Show is coming Tuesday night at 10PM CET (4pm EST / 9pm GMT - UK time). Speed Demos Archive is going to announce the results live on IRC in #qdq and #nolans on Quakenet. This hour long event is to honor the best of the best in the field of Quake1 Speedrunning. Coffee and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are to be supplied by Morfans.

    Speed Demos Archive incidentally has just updated this Friday with a huge bag of speedruns. It includes a terrific 78 second 100% run by Connor Fitzgerald on e4m3. A large package of Februus speedruns, and a multitude of other single and coop runs. It pains me to report my 3:15 Februus speedrun was beaten by a few seconds. I blame my dodgy elbow.
    01 Dec 2005

    Mauve has continued the sudden craze for converting old coin-op classics to Quake, with the release of PacMan Quake a.ka. PaQman. It's a pretty darn good conversion of the 1980's original by Namco game designer Moru Iwatani. You know, I never knew this, but those four little ghost fellows had names - blinky, pinky, inky and clyde... *cough* Annnnyway, Mauve's version has the PacMan sounds, points scoring and powerups. You can only play through once, but there is a nice little tune if you manage to complete it. Download PaQman here and you can leave feedback for Mauve in this thread on Inside3d.

    01 Dec 2005

    The Quake Tetris Fad Continues...
    ...with a stand-alone version from Tei. Download this well compressed (1.4mb) version from here. Why is this better than any other version of Tetris you ask? Because is it's made with Quake you foolish person. :)

    01 Dec 2005

    Death Valley
    Mauve has release a micro mod called Death Valley. It's a tiny affair that took Mauve a mere 2 hours to knock up. It's kind of a basic driving game using the console. Download the mod Here and leave comments for Mauve on the Inside 3D Forum

    FrikaC has finished off yesterdays Tetris mod with the introduction of a points system, next block preview and bonuses for combos. He has also fixed a few bugs, and omissions. The download for the new version remains the same : Tetris.

    Death Valley
    01 Dec 2005

    Tetris For Quake
    In 3 short hours, the talented FrikaC has managed to code Tetris For Quake. Download this beta stage mod here. Comments on this mod can be left for FrikaC in the Inside3d Forum.

    01 Dec 2005

    Da Bomb
    Da Bomb, a former mod, has been resurrected from the Internet ashes thanks to one of it's original developers - Hal9000. This entertaining teamplay mod is based around planting a bomb in the enemy team's base. This mod predates that young upstart Counter Strike, and Boming Run modes in UT2003/2004. It sports many new weapons such as Mines, Molotov Cocktails, Rocket Boots, Gun Turrets, GyroJet Pistols, Napalm Rockets and a SnowBall Gun. The list is endless. What's more, there is even a Da Bomb server still active, again courtesy of Hal9000, here : More information on Da Bomb can be found over on

    Download the files here : dbaddon.exe & dbandmaps.exe

    Available also from EdgeFiles :

    01 Dec 2005

    CheapHack 1.5g is out
    It ain't totally done yet but it's coming along and I hate to neglect a release for nearly 2 years (and with a 8 month hiatus in the way too)
    New features include MIDI, Mikmod support, faster detail textures, and the hud has been undone. Plus there's flares on most things, cubemapped water and the MOVETYPE_WALK fix.

    Grab it.
    01 Dec 2005

    PainKiller Demo is Out!
    Get it nowwwwww! Okay, do what you want, but the Painkiller demo is out today :) Only download link I can find at the time of writing is a rather lame Fileshack link (added a new - cheap):
    Fileshack Download
    Gamershell Download

    01 Dec 2005

    This Weeks Speedmap Pack
    Speedmap Pack #67 has been released over on Quake Speed Mapping. A good turn out, with six maps from Jacek, Headthump, Zwiffle, and Xen. I did turn up for the session, but was unable to turn out anything playable - BAH! I blame my lack of experience with mapping terran brushs, and then sheer panic hehe. Comments on this weeks pack can be left over on Func_Msgboard.

    My news is looking dull - me inserts some random Quake eyecandy :)
    01 Dec 2005

    In Session
    Probably anybody who is going to turn up knows about this already, but here's a little reminder that Speedmapping Session #67 takes place this Saturday, February 14th, at 4pm EST ( 9pm GMT ). This weeks theme is simply quantity. Large maps with tons of brushes, lots of enemies and huge areas. As usual, you have 100 minutes to build this behemoth of a level. The meeting place is going to be room #speedq1 on

    More information can be found in this Func_Msgboard thread. As a side note, a lot of new mapper have expressed an interest over the last week, so hopefully it's going to be a bumper session this week.
    01 Dec 2005

    Stained Ice
    Stained Ice is a new ice hockey Quake 1 mod in production by Sajt. Stained Ice will be a total conversion and include features such as fierce fights, hockey stick slashing, hard shots that can level literally level the goalie. Also, with the shambler making an appearance as referee, you just know he's not going to take any crap from the players. Visit the Stained Ice website for more information on the mod. I'm personally drooling over this mod, looks like hella fun.

    01 Dec 2005

    Swift Mapping & Brisk Demos
    • Speedmap Pack #66 is hot off the press. As explained over on Quake Speed Mapping, this weeks theme was either "crap maps" or "parody maps". It's a great bag of 100 minute (ahem, or there abouts) build time maps from Gleeb, NotoriousRay, R.P.G and Starbuck and yours truely.

    • Morfans has risen from his funky miasma to update Speed Demos Archive. Twenty eight demos are included in this weeks pack, including some from Justin Fleck who has just topped 1000 demos posted on SDA. Congrats to him on his six and a half years of record breaking.
    01 Dec 2005

    Speedmaps Session #66
    Just a short update to let you know that Speedmapping session No. 66 will be held tomorrow - 9pm GMT on Saturday, 7th February (4pm EST or 9pm UK time). As always it's open to everybody, and this week's theme is perfect for you newbie mappers out there - "Crap Maps" laughing

    Starbuck is running the show, and the meeting place is on IRC, in #speedq1 on More information can be found in this Func_Msgboard thread.
    01 Dec 2005

    Quake 1 Sold on Ebay for $615.00 !
    An ultra rare version of Quake 1 has just sold on Ebay for $615.00. It was the prototype Quake 1 - Arcade Tournament Edition. In 1998, twenty prototypes Quake 1 (Arcade Tournament Edition) coin-op machines where manufactured by LBE Systems/Lazer-Tron. Due to a company buy-out, and problems with the contracted programmer, the game was never fully developed. More information on the coin-operated game can be found here, while the Ebay listing for this rare game is here.
    01 Dec 2005

    Treefart v1 released
    Hammy-bob just released his new mod Treefart not so long ago. This version (well, the first version that is) has bots, all new fun weapons, and multiskin as well as MIDI's for you mhQuaker's.

    Grab it, unless you value your life =)
    01 Dec 2005

    Developer Updates
    • The Lieutenant has regained control of his CommandHQ site. One of his latest offerings is 'Swarm', which shows you how to create a swarm of bees in Quake.

    • Xsniper has redesigned his website, and promises some fresh projects.

    • Level designer Tronyn posted a rather ominous update on his site, Tronyn's Bazaar. Quote: "I will never release anything seriously playable for Quake ever again: I have forgotten (really!) how to make feasible Quake maps." NOOooo, never say never.

    • Non Quake1 news now. The developers of Pain Killer are just 2 weeks away from from releasing a demo. In the words of Morfans, this is a MUST DOWNLOAD! Polish developers People Can Fly have reportedly strong links with the Quakeworld community, and with Pain Killer's gothic style and fast pace FPS gameplay, this could just be the new Quake 1. The movie trailer is quite frankly awesome.
    01 Dec 2005

    Speedmap Pack #65 is Out
    The latest speed mapping event was base on a picture drawn by Scampie in what appears to be crayon. Mappers were supposed to use this as a layout guideline. The results were 2 singleplayer & 3 DM maps from CZG, Scampie, Starbuck, and Zwiffle. Hop on over to Quake Speed Mapping to download the pack. Backchat and snide comments can be left on Func_Msgboard

    Your own beloved Megazoid did enter the competition, but was about 6 hours late finishing and therefore not included in pack #65. My entry is here, and was based on the shape in the bottom right hand corner of the picture.
    01 Dec 2005

    More Speed
    Morfan has updated Speed Demos Archive with a new batch of *yes, you guessed it* more MUST DOWNLOADS ®. The latest batch are two numerous to mention, and I shall be working my way though the entries into the wee hours of the morning over a hot cup of chocolate. Go check out those speedrunning gods over on Speed Demos Archive.

    A new Speedmapping contest is set for tomorrow. The Start time will be 4:00 pm EST (9.00 pm GMT) on Saturday 31/1/04 (that's 1/31/04 for you Yanks). More details on how to enter can be found in this Speedmapping Thread and over on the Quake Speed Mapping site. Even though I have only been mapping since Tuesday, your very own Megazoid is toying with the idea of entering the contest. Expect complete rubbish from your truly mhihihihihi
    01 Dec 2005

    The Lair of DOOMestic Animals
    PuLSaR has reworked a map originally submitted as a speedmap (sm57) and produced The Lair of DOOMestic Animals. The original map was part of Quake Speed Mapping's 'Four Seasons of Quake' Megatheme. It's now a medium sized, two tier single player map. Leave comments for PuLSaR on Func_MsgBoard

    The Lair of DOOMestic Animals by PuLSaR
    01 Dec 2005

    Quake Speed Mapping website
    The speedmapping guys from Func_Msgboard have a new website. Future speed mapping information & contests will be posted there, and they have a backlog of all the previous 100 minute speed mapping sessions in their archives section. I'll be adding the Quake Speed Mapping site to my links menu shortly.
    01 Dec 2005

    R_speeds be damned! by Necros
    A new SP Quake1 map called "R_speeds be damned !" (nesp16.bsp) has just been released by Necros. The map is a little experiment by Necros to see how much detail he could put into the brushwork, and the level of architectural detail is pretty stunning. It all comes at a cost though, and lower end machine may experience some framerate problems. An 800mhz CPU with a decent video card (At least a good GeForce2 or equivalent) is recommended. The map can be downloaded here, and please leave your comments for Necros on the Func_Msgboard

    R_speeds be damned ! by Necros
    01 Dec 2005

    Februus Depth & Speedmap Pack 64
    More SP maps from Func_Msgboard. Three new single player speed maps from Moz, Zwiffle & Scampie. Download the map pack here.

    There is also a new SP Map from CZG called Februus Depth. Its a medium sized catacomb inspired map. Download is available from here or Fileplanet. As always please leave the mappers your comments on Func_Msgboard.

    Februus Depth by CZG
    30 Nov 2005

    Speedmapping Pack 63
    Another fun pack of SP Quake 1 Speedmap is available over on Func_Msgboard. The Theme was "Fun Without Monsters", although it's a mixed bag from Necros, Zwiffle & Fat Controller. Download from Func_Msgboard, and check the messages for more info.
    30 Nov 2005

    Abyss of Pandemonium for PocketPC
    The chaps from Abyss of Pandemonium are planning to release a 4 map version of Abyss of Pandemonium for PocketPC & SmartPhone (SPV e100). Not available quite yet, but coming soon in 2004, the PocketPC version will use the Pocket Quake port for iPAQ 38xx & PocketPC2003, while the SmartPhone version will use spvQuake