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Monday, October 13th, 2003

Bulbous Bag 'O News
Megazoid at 13:02 PM

  • Eek, no updates for a month. Sorry about that. At first it was because I was working on another website: The Hereford Arms. That's pretty much finished now, so I have to get back into the swing of updating. :)

  • [Quad] Clan (Quake Army of Darkness) are back up with a site redesign and new URL ( ). The site is packed full of Quake information, and downloads. It's one of my favourite Quake sites actually. Another cool thing they look after is the Qview server list, and Arkon has just updated it. Go visit, and have a poke around.

  • QHLAN6 is yearly Quake LAN held in Sweden. It's Quake1 players only and should attract 90 plus people. Held between January 3rd & January 6th 2004, it's very resonable priced at 29. The Megazoid is thinking about going, so if you want to meet this famous Quake personallity (teehee) you should think about signing up. Seriously though, it's probably going to be QW mainly, but if some NetQuake guys go, I'm in. Let me know if you are thinking about going.

  • New mod : EZQuake, by Carni. "This mod supports bots, simplistic teams, and a whole lotta carnage". Check it, and send some feedback.

    Sunday, September 14th, 2003

    Happy Quake
    Megazoid at 13:02 PM

  • Happy Quake : download
    Download it, install it, join a server and change the map to e1m1 :)

    Tuesday, September 9th, 2003

    Quake Ketchup :)
    Megazoid at 08.14 PM

  • Okay, last week I was taking a break from work and from updates. If you missed anything from last week, here are the highlights:

  • 9th: FuhQuake updated to include Multiview. Watch four players simultaneously when viewing demos.
  • 7th: Miles Invictus, uploads a Quake Shield (beta) MOD to his site. Other goodies are also on offer...
  • 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th: Speed Demos Archive has updated! :)
  • 4th: Speed Demos Archive release a promotional video! Download or Mirror (right click 'save as')
  • 3rd: Trouby announces a new website : NetQuake World (woot!)
  • 3rd: Wazat lets us know that Battle Mech the Linux version has been uploaded
  • 31th: New engine : JoeQuake. Go get it here: JoeQuake
  • 30th: New QW movie is out called : QuakeWorld Reloaded. Download from: Blueyonder MPortal

    News sources (random) : Netquake Europe, Jube's PQ section, SDA, Inside3d

    Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003

    Megazoid at 08.14 PM

  • I can't be bothered to look for news, but hey, check out my extremely dodgy Quake Tattoo. It was a cover up, so erm I guess it aint going to look that good, erm plus he hasn't finished n stuff and erm erm :)

    Somehow this turned into...

    This... oh well

    Finished thing

    Thursday, August 28th, 2003

    Telejano 7.3 - Candy Time.
    Megazoid at 08.14 PM

  • Tei has posted a pre-release of Telejano 7.3. It's an early alpha with the emphasis on eyecandy, tweaked for speed and "tons of fixes and other improvements". Some of the eyecandy includes new rocket trails and underwater fog. Tei warns this release is very ALPHA, so download and use at your own risk. The zipfile is a exe update, you will need a full or minimal installation of Telejano 7 to use.

    Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

    Eternal War in the News
    Megazoid at 08.14 PM

  • SeienAbunae has spotted an article with mentions the rather marvellous Quake source game : Eternal War , by Twoguyssoftware. MSNBC did an interview with Mack the President of Twoguyssoftware, and some of the conversation is included in the article about Christian Gaming. Before Eternal War the only encounter I had had with Christian gamers, was with the pleasant, but rather preachy Duke3d clan - Crusaders For Christ. They made simple Duke3d levels with messages from the bible plastered all over them. I used to get a kick from "devilising" their levels mhuhuh. Twoguyssoftware is different though, as Mike explains; "We focus on building great games without shoving the bible down your throat". Good man..

  • AVeryBadLoser (a.k.a Verbal) has highlighted the ongoing NetQuake cheat problem over on European NetQuake Community Site. Cheats have been in Quake since practically day one, but with only a handful of people still playing NetQuake, 1 or 2 lamers really make all the difference. TwoTone has also updated NetQuake Europe with some results from the Challenge Quake League NetQuake Clan Arena tournament. Go check the news.

    Hey Mr Google, spider these URL bitch .. &

    Thursday, August 21th, 2003

    Welcome Back
    Megazoid at 08.14 PM

  • The Quake1 section of PlanetQuake is back to normal now Jube is back from QuakeCon. You can read her QuakeCon diary over on PlanetQuake. Welcome back Jube :)

  • MORE, yes more from FrikaC (last one he says). The final tutorial is a massive one by Supajoe, which gives details of how to reconstructing a basic mod that makes use of amost all the DarkPlaces features and/or extensions. Go visit Inside3d.

    Wednesday, August 20th, 2003

    Yet More...
    Megazoid at 08.14 PM

  • Yet more QuakeC tutorials from FrikaC. He's uploaded Hunter Killers and Figgin both written by Sestze. Check them out at Inside3d.

  • Bad news from, they are taking down their forum periodically over the weekend of Aug30/31st. The good news they are doing a site redesign - woot! :)

    Tuesday, August 19th, 2003

    More QuakeC Tutorials
    Megazoid at 08.14 PM

  • FrikaC has dug up yet more QuakeC tutorials. The Accelerating Rockets & ROTT Firebomb are now available from Inside3d. There were also a couple uploaded on Saturday which I missed : Water Splashes and Laser Grappling Hooks. *sigh* /me wishes people in Europe still played CTF... those were the days hehe :)

  • It's not Quake, but there are some fancy shmancy Doom3 multiplayer screenshots doing the rounds on the Internet. Redwood has posted his impressions of the gameplay over on Telefragged.

    Monday, August 18th, 2003

    Guest Strip
    Megazoid at 08.14 PM

  • There is a new guest strip over on Djquake. The lastest submission is from "Phil" :)

  • FrikaC happened apon a couple of "new" QuakeC tutorials. The Expandable Menu System & 3D Holographic Radar are now available from Inside3d.

    Sunday, August 17th, 2003

    2 x for SDA & Underworld
    Megazoid at 08.14 PM

  • I kind of missed the news yesterday. I was going to mention the two news updates on the Speed Demos Archive. Morfans did a quick update where he ripped all the maps from the recent "Second Coagula Map Mapping Contest" and rigged them for speedrunning. Stubby updated yesterday with speed demos from : Anders Nordensten, Weixing Ye, Michael Hudson, Anders and Connor Fitzgerald.

  • Underworldfan has been a dormant for a few weeks, but come back with 2 cracking updates over on his Quake & Cube SinglePlayer Map Review site. His first update was a full review of the Coagula Contest no.2 pak. There are 6 outdoor map reviews, and by a look at the scores UnderWorldFan has given them, the majority are top quality. "Coagula maps are maps floating in a starry/black void, where often you plummet to your death as you fall off the thin walkways, pathways, ramps, platforms and outcrops.." -quote taken from Underworld's site.

  • The other update on Underworldfan has been done by a new map reviewer - Necros. Necros has reviewed a 3 map pak called Carved in Flesh and a 5 map pak called Assault Good reviewing from the new guy. Not quite sure why UnderworldFan added his own comments at the end of the reviews... let the new guy do his job ;)

    Friday, August 15th, 2003

    Morfans - Back From The Farm
    Megazoid at 09.31 PM

  • Morfans has squeezed the creative juices once again, and managed an update on Speed Demos Archive. With 13 hot speed demos on 4 different maps, there's something for all the major food groups. The "MUST DOWNLOAD" is a 12 second dm1sp by Timo Nieminen, where he seems to almost float across the level. A pack containing all the days demos is at the bottom of Morfans update.

    Thursday, August 14th, 2003

    Bag o' News
    Megazoid at 12.04 PM

  • Djquake has posted a new guest strip by Gleeb, head on over for a giggle :)

  • The Inside3d Forums are back up after a few days of downtime due to a database problem. Huzzah!

  • TrujeN has come up with another enhanced DM map for his "Plus Series". The Nuclear Waste Zone is a revision of The Dark Zone (DM6). I don't know how it plays, but the new textures sure look tasty. Good work TrujeN. More info and the download can be found on his site here.

  • ...and finally, Shadowalker is feeling unpimped and wants me to mention that his Ultimate Deathmatch Mod is now up to version 1.71. Ultimate Deathmatch allows you to edit DM level items in real time. With 48+ varibles to change the dynamics of play, you will never bore of DM again! It's the mod that keeps on giving...

    Monday, August 11th, 2003

    New Quake Movie
    Megazoid at 12.04 PM

  • Shiznit is a new Quake movie made by Tobik from Poland. The download is 12mb and it lasts for about 4 minutes. Unusually the movie has been done in software Quake so it lacks a little polish, but still worth the download. The movie can be downloaded here
    - News source

  • In other news, I'm going to be running 2 new sites (start of September) :- &

    I'm going to use the site as a personal "homesite". It's going to be a rather self indulgent, mish-mash of thoughts, facts, shenanigans, and tom-foolery. I'll be selling some tee-shirts and other junk on the site, plus I might even start a religion - who knows :)

    The site is a simple little business idea that I've had for a long time. I am going to be offering my PhotoShop skills to people who are unable to produce their own fake pictures. It's may sound like it has limited potential, but I've an idea it will take off.

    Friday, August 8th, 2003

    Megazoid at 13.25 PM

  • Wazat has emailed saying the Galactix download is now fixed. He's not sure how long it's been busted, but if you have been trying to get it, now is your chance.

    Wednesday, July 22nd, 2003

    Anti Update
    Megazoid at 13.25 PM

  • DJquake has done a sort of anti-update where Dave has removed all his content hehe :) This is of course only temporary, and he promises the next instalment of his strip soon.. woot!

  • Things are very quiet in the Quake Universe. I guess everybody is taking a well earned break after Qexpo. I can't even steal any news from Jube hehe. I'm going to a motorcycle bash in Cornwall this weekend, so the site may not get updated until next week (unless something interesting happens tomorrow). Catch ya all later.


    Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

    Quake Expo Review
    Megazoid at 11.07 PM

  • There is a very good Quake Expo 2003 Review by Jube over on Planet Quake. It includes an interview with the Qexpo 2003 co-ordinator - FrikaC, and a round-up of this years releases. Very useful for people like me that missed the whole event hehe.

  • If you are wondering who won the Quake Terminus Quake Babe competition, it was Starbuck! I have emailed him, but if you read this Starbuck, please contact me with your postal address (if you want the prize). Update : Starbuck has contacted me, and the prize is on it's way. Congrats to him :D

  • Speed Demos Archive's speedrunning Championship 2003 : Contest Four opened for business on Friday last week. The map is dm4sp (I assume a special edition on DM4 although I currently haven't downloaded it). The deadline is Sunday August 3rd 2003, and as always the competition is open to everybody (even newbie speedrunners like me! :).

    Saturday, July 5th, 2003

    Quake Expo 2003 Open!
    Megazoid at 17.04 PM

  • Quake Expo 2003 is offically open. Huzzah! No more chatter, just GO THERE NOW!

    Edit : By the way, I wont be updating Quake Terminus for the duration of the QuakeExpo. Normal news will be resumed next week.

    Friday, July 4th, 2003

    Netquake Europe Frenzy
    Megazoid at 12.27 PM

  • The boys from the Netquake Europe site managed a quite amazing 10 separate news updates yesterday. The best of the bunch (for me) was Averybadloser's interview with Sassa (Verbal's dark humour - priceless), and the announcement of a new frag movie: Moscow QW Lan Party 2003. The movie weighs in at 101mb and features some very high production values, some good Quakeworld action and a thumping soundtrack. Only slight downside was the rather ugly choice of player skin and some dodgy replacement textures. Very good effort though, and well worth the time it takes to download.

  • Happy 4th of July to all American readers.

    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003

    Dr Shadowborg Updates the TROH:NQ Beta
    Megazoid at 12.27 PM


  • Dr Shadowborg has made an update to his TROH:NQ Beta(2). It's now nicely wrapped into a little .pak file. The beta include everything from the TROH Armor system test (See the June 11th News), but it's now got a bunch of funky new weapons as well. To get more informtion on the TROH:NQ beta, find the download link and leave Dr Shadowborg feedback :click here.
  • ArwingXP has made use of some spare time before Qexpo 2003, by making this new Team Fortress Stroggos desktop wallpaper.

    Tuesday, July 1st, 2003

    Team Fortress Stroggos
    Megazoid at 01.25 PM

  • ArwingXL has dropped me a line to say Team Fortress Stroggos is finished! The bad news is, you'll have to wait until QuakeExpo 2003 opens to download it hehe. Also, a couple of nights ago ArwingXP held a Nirv8 challenge over on Gamesnet IRC channel #qc. The participants were SupaJoe, RenegadeC, and Quest. The challenge was : "Can you beat e3m5 on the first go using Nirv8 settings- skill 4, impulse 9 activated?" Everybody failed :D The results of the challenge can be found here, and the Nirv8_LITE mod they used here.

  • The QuakeExpo 2003 schedule has changed slightly. Click here for the updated : QExpo 2003 Schedule

  • A new build of LordHavoc's Hmap utility has been released. The new build adds support for HalfLife WorldCraft texture alignment. Hmap is a useful utility for compiling Quake 1 maps with colored lighting, and has lots of other features besides. You can get Hmap at LordHavoc's site.
    - News source Inside3d (thanks Error)

  • An addled Morfans over on SDA struggles with the meaning of speedrunning, and comes to the conclusion, "It's officially all worth it!". Todays sack full of demos come from a Dutchman (Basil de Vries), a Russian (Dan Stukanev) and Morfans all-time favourite necrophiliac, Carl Tholin. Don't forget to get your entries to the latest RotW in on time - the deadline is Midnight CET, Sunday 6th July.