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Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Demo Competition
Megazoid at 5.01 AM

  • It competition time here at Quake Terminus. We are having a Quake Demo competition. Have you got a funky trick? Found a new Quake bug perhaps? Or just got a demo where you kick major butt? Well then send them in to Quake Terminus and you could win Resurrection Pack for Quake. This pack includes a full copy of Quake, the brilliant add-on Malice for Quake & a copy of Q!Zone. Click Here for more instructions

  • A new Q1SPmap came out recently. An Egyptian temple style map from Xenon called Perception. Reviews are already up at Ethereal Hell, TeamShambler & Religion Quake

  • Quake Terminus has won it's first award. Open Directory has awarded it the "Cool Site" award. Nice :)

    Sunday, June 24, 2001

    Lost Level & The Bot Maker
    Megazoid at 9.45 PM

  • John Romero's surprise release of Quake E2M10 !
    To celebrate Quake's 5th birthday (June 22nd), John Romero has updated his web page at Planet Romero with a surprise release of Quake E2M10. This map was cut from the game due to size limitations. No worries though, now you can play it!

  • Maverick proxy bot creator RickMark talks to Quake Terminus
    Probably the last man still working in Quake1 cheat scene. Quake Terminus gets an interview with Quakebot programmer RickMark. He's nothing like what I expected. It's a crazy old world.

    What makes him tick? Find out here.

    Friday, June 22, 2001

    Happy Birthday
    Megazoid at 11.54 PM

  • Happy birthday Quake :) Its Quake`s 5th birthday, as on the 22nd of June 1996 the Quake shareware version was made available. Methos is celebrating with a look back over Quakes 5 year history and has an interview with Ion Storm's John Romero and id Software's Tim Willits. View it at

    If you have your nostalgia hat on, why not download Quake Test 1. Some of you may never have seen this. This was the first public release of the Quake in the form of a Deathmatch & Engine Compatibility Test. It's only 4MB and contains 3 DM maps. Once you unzip it, type "map test1" (or test2 or test3). Most of the full Quake config commands work with this version (+mlook etc). You can also download this add-on map which contains monsters:-

    Tuesday, June 19, 2001

    Mod News
    Megazoid at 0.50 PM

  • Couple of bits of mod news. NGLQuake has been updated by SSJ4-Death. He has added model interpolation which smooths out the model animation. Never added to original Quake, I was amazed when I first saw this. Check out NGLQuake Quake here.


    Nirvana: Life of the Fighter

    Nirvana: Life of the Fighter

    Nirvana: Life of the Fighter is a new Quake mod released about a week ago by Arwing. The mod is for both single player and deathmatch and includes:-

  • Frikbot version n6 w/multimodel support
  • 22-piece Multimodel engine
  • Imported monsters (new total of 31)

    The mod is a tad bloated at 24mb, but worth the download if you like that sort of thing. Check out Nirvana: Life of the Fighter here.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2001

    Megazoid at 2.44 PM

  • Head on over to Yoda's Swamp, he has a new article up. The touchy subject of cheating in Quake.

  • Actually, while we are on the subject, I might as well announce the forth coming Quake Terminus interview with Richmark. Richmark has been working for many years in the dark art of the proxy-bot. He is the creator of the famous Quakebot. What's his side of the story? Quake super villain or misunderstood maverick? Find out later on this week (hopefully ;)

    Saturday, June 09, 2001

    Megazoid at 11.30 AM

  • Okay, okay, it's not Quake news. Hell, it's not even in the same ball park, but I have to share this. Tripping The Rift, as some may know, is an extremely funny short animation by Chris Moeller and his talented team. They have finally released and high quality Mpeg & DivX versions. Even if you have seen it - download the new version. It's a scream.

    Friday, June 08, 2001

    Megazoid at 03.30 PM

  • Wow, missed the boat on this one. Valve Software's Quake1 mod came out yesterday. Enough said, heres the link :- Download DMC for Half-Life

  • A couple of new Q1 SP maps have come out recently. Head over to Team Shambler to check out a new Q1 SP map by Palldjon. The map is called Rumours: "Recurrent Rumours" and is a very nicely done gothic problem solver. Check out the Review or just download it.

    Rumours: "Recurrent Rumours"

    Grisly Manifest

  • The other map is Grisly Manifest by [Kona]. It's a large medieval/wizard style castle map with quite a few of custom monsters. Very hard to complete. Review or just download it.

  • TomazQuake Bot. A chap called Riever has incorporated Rich Whitehouse's Tsumi to Botsu bot, into TomazQuake. You can grab it here and read more about it here.
      Source - Bot Epidemic.