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Friday, June 13, 2001

New Nehahra
Megazoid at 6.45 AM

  • The Nehahra Project has been revamped. A new version has been uploaded which include the soundtracks, new code and an updated Nehahra.exe. Some maps have also been updated in this final version and the game itself should run more smoothly. Mindcrime, from The Nehahra Project, recommend reinstalling everything from scratch. So get on over to The Nehahra Project, and get downloading.

  • [QQ] Björn has updated his Qview server list. You can download the new version here. For more information on this, head on over to the Quad Quakers site, and take a peek at the News.

    Thursday, June 12, 2001

    Qexpo Updates
    Megazoid at 8.45 PM

  • The Qexpo (Quake1 Exposition) has been gathering momentum. The start of this Quake extravaganza is just 8 days away on Friday 20th July. The Qexpo will be running for 10 days, and will be a massive online event, with new mods, maps, interviews, competitions & engines being displayed daily. The QExpo's general schedule is now up here.

    Here is a breakdown of the days for the event: -

  • Friday 20: Classic Mods Day
  • Saturday 21 : Recent Mods Day
  • Sunday 22 : Recent DM Maps Day
  • Monday 23th : TC Day
  • Tuesday 24th : Recent SP Maps day
  • Wednesday 25 : Vanilla Quake & Booth Babes day
  • Thursday 26 : Engine Day
  • Friday 27 : Bots Day
  • Saturday 28: QExpo Mods Day
  • Sunday 29 : Week in review day

    I'll be reporting on the daily events, but I strongly urge you keep an eye on the Qexpo site. It's a must for any Quake 1 fans.

    Monday, July 09, 2001

    We Have a Winner !!
    Megazoid at 12.00 PM

  • The Demo Competition is over, and we have a winner. All the demo submissions were amazing, so picking a winner was a tough decision. Also it was a mixed bag, with trick, skill, bug & funny demos and mixed together. I finally decided [QQ].G0ku. was the winner with his dm6trick.dem. It's a funny DM6 bug that as far as I know, [QQ].G0ku. is the first and only person to find. The winner has been emailed, and his Resurrection Pack for Quake will be dispatched shortly. A big thank you to all those who entered :)

        The Winning Demo By [QQ].G0ku. Björn & G0ku shaft each other in this very odd DM6 glitch

    The Runners Up By [PIL]MAD Very skilled double RL jump on DM3 - awesome. By The Shambler Inhuman. I almost choked when I saw this one. By [QQ] Tapley Watch Tapley accelerated to light speed. BOOM! By Macross Randomizes Quake's demo order. Play it a few times By [QQ] Kilcreek Wicked style from Killcreek in this DM6 jump By Silence Total unrehearsed. One of those mad Quake moments By Devious The DM4 warp bug. Tricky to pull off.

    Friday, July 06, 2001

    Competition Last Chance
    Megazoid at 9.30 PM

  • Just 2 days left of the Demo Competition (see the news for Tuesday, June 26). It has to be said, the quality of the submissions so far is fantastic. If you haven't submitted a demo yet, don't be shy, send one in. Competition closes midnight (GMT) Sunday, 8th. The Winner (and all demo entries) will be posted on Monday.

  • A new Quake 1 mod has popped up from nowhere. PlanetQuake got the scoop on Xwar. Xwar is by Ali Salehi (Little3D), and uses a custom Quake 1 engine, new maps, models & sounds. There is not much in the way of details, but there are some screenshots & a short playable demo. The engine modifications look pretty familiar, but the weapons & enemies are very cool.

    Wednesday, July 04, 2001

    Engine & Mod Updates
    Megazoid at 10.30 PM

  • Xoltan has updated his Fiend Hunter site. Although not 100% complete, he has some impressive new screenshots showing some of the advanced features.

  • MHquake version 5.06 is out. Quake1 never looked so good. Theres loads of new features. A full list of them can be found here. I love the little touches like the muzzle flash and the smoking torches.

    Tuesday, July 03, 2001

    Natural Speed
    Megazoid at 8.30 PM

  • Speed Demos Archive are holding a SDA Championship. Their "Run of the Week" contests will continue as normal, but the results will also go towards this new SDA Championship League. Their new Run Of The Whenever (Run of the week) is up right now if you fancy a crack at it.

  • Results from Team Shambler's Natural Terrain Competition have been posted today. Although only one map was entered on time, late arrivals are appearing. Shuffle on over to Team Shambler's to check out Catacombs of Misfortune by Nane and Precipice Continuum by ELEK. There are also some screenshots of a map by Grahf that was earmarked for the Natural Terrain Compo.

    Precipice Continuum

    Catacombs of Misfortune

    Sunday, July 01, 2001

    Real Purty
    Megazoid at 12.00 PM

  • Forum link... now with added kolor!

    Saturday, June 30, 2001

    New Quake Source Project
    Megazoid at 1.44 AM

  • Benjamin Vanderford announces on Qmap he is looking for mappers for his new commercial multiplayer only game using the Quake 1 engine. Benjamin says; "This game will have the most innovative and superior gameplay ever seen in a first person shooter." (hehehe). Based on the GNU open source Quake 1 engine, on completion it will be sold either to a distribution company, or via a website mail-order system. Screenshot of "Project 0" can be found here & here

  • Last day before the close of the "Back to Nature / natural terrain" mapping contest over on Team Shambler The deadline is 12 am GMT Sunday 1st July. I look forward to the results of this compo.

  • You Spend Too Much Time on Quake When... over at Yoda's Swamp

  • No other news. Sigh... Quake1 is real quiet at the moment. Everybody is hoarding for Qexpo in 3 weeks. It's going to be Quake overload then =)

    s i t e  a w a r d