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Saturday, July 21, 2001

Qexpo Day 2
Megazoid at 2.20 PM

  • Well, Qexpo kicked off smoothy. The final count is 70 booths in total. Content ranges from competely new Quake executables, to very strange booths containing just a single word. A few little hitches with the Qexpo page where quickly sorted out by Horn. Some booths were definately caught with their pants down, while other were very finished, and releasing unseen maps, engines & screenshots from the start. A healthy spirit of competition between the booths has formed, which is great news for Quake junkies like myself.

    To pick booth highlights is near impossible. I strongly suggest looking at ALL the booths. Content will be changing on a daily basis, but I have knocked up a list of 20 booth picks that stand out at the time of writing.

    My Booth Picks
    CocoT 's Booth Very nice booth. Includes booth babes!
    Koolio 's Booth Koolio has released Win & GL versions of Aqualung Q1, a new exe/mod.
    Nicely designed, with screenshot of Quake Domination. Quake Domination will be released later on at the Qexpo
    KrimZon's Booth KrimZon has released his QuakeWorld Client v3.0.0, and some screenshot of his soon to be released "World of Disks" map.
    Coburn's Booth Some excellent screenshots of Coburn's engine and mod running together. Soon to be released.
    NotoriousRay's Booth Ten map Rocket Arena pack released. Loads of work going into this booth by NotoriousRay
    ArchAngel's Booth Awesome screenshots of PoisonedMind's Incursion Project. Click on the Projects link.
    Tei's Booth Lot of cool screenshots of Tei 's Kanada invades USA mod. Very different use of the Quake engine.
    Kell's Booth Kell has released his "Contract Revoked" map for Qexpo, and has many of his other maps on display.
    Theseus's Booth Some great screenshots of Olympus. A sort of Deus Ex on the Quake Engine. GIMMIE IT NOW! :)
    PainQuin's Booth I humorous joke mod.. well I assume it is.
    Quest's Booth Great booth, jam-packed with goodies. StarWars: Dogfighter look particularly interesting.
    [Kona]'s Booth Kona is going to be doing a Quake level retrospective throughout Qexpo. Looking at the best levels of the last 5 years.
    Starbuck's Booth Nothing released yet, but some nice skin screenshots & some amusing booth babes.
    Shambler's Booth Two level reviews and two articles already from Mr Shambler. Where's your booth babes dude? :)
    Krust's Booth Krust has released a retextured Quake DM level:: Cop The Flak.
    Who.ooch's Booth Cool screenshots from IarT's Nehahra map release:: INVEIN.
    Akuma's Booth Loads to look at & download in this beautifully designed booth from Akuma.
    NaN's Booth Nan's booth could use some eyecandy, but he's got content. Co-op code for Quakeworld.
    SoulKeeper's Booth SoulKeeper has already released Fiend Tournament, and has more on the way.

    Friday, July 20, 2001

    Qexpo Starts
    Megazoid at 3.46 AM

  • Let the Quake 5 year celebration commence. More than 50 online booths have been created by Quake modders, mappers, & assorted Quake 1 junkies. Over the next 10 days, these booths will be displaying previously unreleased Quake material, new maps, new mods, and future releases. Qexpo dedicated QuakeWorld servers, competitions & chat are running as well.

  • Today is classic mods day. So, the two official QExpo servers, located here: and will be running mods like Zerstorer DM and classic HeadHunters. Sorry chaps, these are QuakeWorld servers, but if you can bring yourselves to load the evilness that is QuakeWorld (hehe), you might find you enjoy yourselves.

  • The official Qexpo Chat room is on in #qexpo

  • Already released is a new DM map by Dan 'CardO' Shannon. If features very nice 3 level egyptian temple architecture. You can download Stinger (carddm2) from Qexpo or directly from Cardo's website.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2001

    Nutters! :)
    Megazoid at 3.51 PM

  • We had a little Quake moment last night. For no particular reason some of us decided to make a stack. Achieved without weapons, it took a few minutes to sort it out. The stack nutters were:- Lisa, Monkfish, [KCDF].NYB., [KCDF].dan., [KCDF].Dave. & RAGE.usmarine.

  • Qexpo starts IN 2 DAYS. Qexpo kicks off on Friday 20th. Don't miss out !!

    Monday, July 16, 2001

    PerQuake & Qexpo Week Begins
    Megazoid at 2.30 AM

  • This news is a little old now (my fault for not checking around enough), but well worth taking a look at. Enigma Quake have done a review on a new weapons modification mod, PerQuake. PerQuake (6.34MB) is, in the words of Enigma Daedalus, "kick ass man". Enigma Quake scored it a massive 9 out of 10, and I have to agree, it's well worth the download. As with a lot of mods, it's probably best played on the Quake engine modification TomazQuake. For more details and the direct download, warp on over to to the Enigma Quake site.

  • Qexpo starts THIS WEEK!. Woohoo! Events kick off on Friday 20th, with Classic Mods Day. Don't miss the 5 year celebration of Quake.

    Saturday, July 14, 2001

    XWAR Developement
    Megazoid at 12.30 AM

  • The Quake Mod XWAR is being developed at a fantasic rate. Since I reported XWAR eight days ago, Little 3D the project leader, has managed to add 4 team members and a beta tester. Jordan (Lead Modeller), ToXiC FLUFF (Mapper), Chad Pearn (Mapper), CaNOSpAm (Tester,Skinner,Mapper) & Xage (Beta tester) have all joined the project.

    The other main news on XWAR is the XWAR Weapons Patch (6.73mb) is now available for download. You can play Quake1 with the 8 new XWAR weapons. For more information, check out the download section of the XWAR site.