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Saturday, August 11, 2001

New Releases
Megazoid at 3.46 AM

  • Quake 1: Arena v0.75 was released a couple of days ago by Electro. This Quake 3 inspired add-on is one of my favourites. The new version includes 27 custom maps & new gamemodes (insta-gib, excessive). Downloadable from Electro's website, it is also downloadable from my add-on section.

  • The newly released Operation Urth Majik single-player mod has been included in my add-on section. For more information on the great 5 level Quake 1 mod, check out the OUM page or Shambler's review of it.

  • Again, a few days old, but TomazQuake has a new release. TQ 1.465 was released to correct a few errors with the radically altered Version 1.46.

  • Rant: What the heck is going on with It goes down for a month (apparently the owner quit). I removed the link from menu and it pops back from the grave. I reapply the link, and hey-presto, the site dies again. By Grabthars Hammer, make your mind up. I have noted the domain will expire fairly shortly. If it's up for grabs I may purchase it and point it at Quake Terminus >:)

    Monday, August 06, 2001

    Site Updates
    Megazoid at 3.46 AM

  • I've done stuff on the site - behold. The site no longer works in Netscape at all (well, the domain doesn't), looks terrible in anything but 32bit colour or less than 1024 x 768 resolution. Ask me if I care. The next reincarnation of the site probably wont work on anybody's machine, so count yourselves lucky you can still see it at all. ;)

    With only a few sections to go, the site should be finalised on the weekend.

    Friday, July 27, 2001

    Megazoid at 11.50 AM

  • I've just had to "rescue" Thresh's Quake Bible from Google's cache and a obscure dead Russian Quake site ( It's criminal that a major gaming site would just delete this classic DM guide written by the original Quake1 Ubermensch himself. Well, it's their loss and my gain. I will be soon hosting the only English version of Thresh's Quake Bible on the Net. See the DM Tips section tomorrow.

    Wednesday, July 25, 2001

    Megazoid at 12.30 AM

  • Okay, it's official. I can't keep up with the Qexpo news. Just get your butt over there and check it out for yourselves. I'll do a round-up after it's all over.

  • The Qexpo guys are all hanging out in the IRC. You will find them very friendly and willing to answer questions. It's also a good place to find what Qexpo servers are running (type .slist when you get there) I have set-up a direct connection with the Qexpo chat room via IRC applet. Just pop you username in, and press enter.


  • Other news is XWAR site has had a make-over and their new domain is fully working :- Head over there to see the changes and Little3d's XWAR updates.

  • The Bjorn has a new server list under his belt. Not content with listing 99% of all NetQuake servers, he has moved on to QuakeWorld servers now. You will find instructions, and the download here:-

  • ..and on a personal note. I am thinking about starting another web site. Does this mean Quake Terminus is doomed? No, if anything I'm going to be working on it more in the short term to complete the empty sections. In the long term, well who knows, but I imagine I can run both without much difficulty.