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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Merry Christmas!
Megazoid at 5.25 PM

  • No updates for ages. Sorry about that ;). Anyway I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • To get in the Christmas mood, You can download This PAK File which contains a Santa skin (nothing else in there ;). Turns NetQuake a little festive. The Quake3 players amongst you can get a pretty cool Santa skin from This Location

  • Finally, have another play of Twisted Christmas (3.5mb). It a fantasic and festive Quake1 single player mod. Defeat Evil Santa & his demented snowmen. Worth playing again, even if you have seen it. (Full review of Twisted Christmas Here)

    Wednesday, September 5, 2001

    It's My Birthday..
    Megazoid at 5.25 PM

  • Yeah it's ma birthday. I accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express gifts. :)

  • Neurotic Conversions is back up after a couple of days of technical difficulties. I love his "promising mods of the week", and he has just done a new list. So go take a peek. :)

    Monday, August 27, 2001

    The Link & Stuff
    Megazoid at 5.25 PM

  • The link for the preview of Kanada invades USA is here. The is a PREVIEW for developers and gamers, not a working mod. It doesn't contain any playable levels, only some "rooms" where you can find units and you can build some structures, and vehicles. Even at this stage, I have to say this mod looks extraordinary. Great work from Tei.

  • I found something new for my Quake humour section. Club Shub. It's a tiny (500kb) mod, which is very amusing. Check out the stage diving here.

  • The Demon petition is going well. We have reached the 50 signatures mark. Thanks everybody. Please do keep speading the word, and get everybody to sign. For more information, look at my news for Wednesday August 22 or read/sign the petition here:

    Saturday, August 25, 2001

    Kanada invades USA
    Megazoid at 5.23 AM

  • Tei has sent word that his awesome looking Mod for Quake1 is at the preview stage. Unfortunately I can't find the link, and Tei has neglected to included this information. So until I can get more info on this Homeworld/Command & Conquer style Quake1 mod, you are stuck with these amazing screenshots...

    More screenshots can be found here, and the Kanada invades USA website is here.

    Wednesday, August 22, 2001

    Megazoid at 0.01 AM

  • I've started a petition to to try and get Demon Internet to make a few changes to their NetQuake server: ( If you do use the Demon server, and have ever had your game ruined by a bot user, now is your chance to help. We are asking the people at Demon to ban certain notorious & persistant bot users from the server, and to get a level 0 (top level) admin who is much more involved with the server and Quake 1 in general (sorry Djuhn, but you know you don't care).

    Sign here:, and try to make Demon a better server.

  • Other news: The Enigma Quake site has gone down. Another sad loss for the Quake 1 community. I'll remove the link at the end of the week.

    Monday, August 20, 2001

    What's New
    Megazoid at 2.01 AM

  • It may look as if things have slowed down here at Quake Terminus, but I have actually been working quite hard on the site. I think it is finished now. All sections are available now, so have a nose about. If you notice any dead links (there shouldn't be any) or errors, or have any comments, drop me a line -

  • A lot of people who play NetQuake still use 56k modems. You may find some of the modem tweak guides in the Tools section helpful. The PCTweaker guide (the top one) is very good.

  • [QQ] Björn (Sorry, that's "The Björn") has updated his Qview server lists. Both the Quakeworld and NetQuake lists have been updated. Go to and click on the Server link for more info.