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Friday, September 13th, 2002

Quake Matrix Version 0.5 Released
Megazoid at 23.36 PM

  • Quake Matrix version 0.5 has been released. It's been a long wait for this new edition, but there is a lot of improvement over version 0.4. For a start I could never get the executable to work on version 0.4, so as soon as I clicked on it and it open perfectly, I thought to myself... this is looking good.

    The new weapons are very cool, and I love the Matrix style jumping. The Matrix jumps are a tad difficult to get the hang of, and I would definately recommend trying the training map to get the hang of them. There are 21 new maps in all. I have to say, there are a few weak maps in there, but over all the quality is high.

    The Quake Matrix conversion really comes into it's own when playing multiplayer. With cool stuff like back flips, walking on walls, customs skins and apparently locational damage (wow!), it's worth trying to get a couple of your Quake buddies to download it as well.Top marks to Flex and the Quake Matrix team.

    P.S. The hidden map is funny as hell :)

    Saturday, June 15th, 2002

    Bag Loads of Updates
    Megazoid at 14.25 PM

  • Retro Quake has relaunched with an excellent new site design. They have shed loads of Quake1 maps, mods, conversions and other goodies. Everything is well reviewed and scored. Worth a visit.

  • As many of you already know, ProQuake is up to version 3.10. I have updated the Netquake Exe's section with the new versions, and added ProQuake to the main links section (should have been done years ago... oops). The new version has many exciting features, but the one that has everybody talking is the new anti-cheat code. NetQuake servers can now install and enable an anti-cheat function that will stop bot users and even pak2 users from connecting to the server. Great news for the Netquake community. You wont see this anti-cheat feature on all the servers of course, as a lot of servers simply do not update their Quake server software. One small disadvantage of this anti-cheat mode, is that it will mean you HAVE to use ProQuake v3.10 to connect to the server. Not too painful really, just download the lastest software from the ProQuake site, or my Netquake Exe's section.

  • While on the subject of links, I've added a link for the Online Gaming League (OGL). The OGL are trying to get some Q1 ladders off the ground, so if your Quake1 clan still has some players hungry for some action, head on over.

  • Two new sound paks added to the Humour Downloads section. South Park sounds, and a rather mad sound pak made by "Keepers of the probe". :)

  • I've added a direct download link to the awesome Quake done Quicker 1635 demo. I don't mean to over state this, but if you never download another Quake demo again, download this one. The reason I am adding this, is because I was looking for it the other day and just couldn't find it. I had a look in the Quake Done Quick site (link is on the Movie page) and had a heck of a job finding it. It's Quake done in 16 minutes and 35 second. Not only is it amazing, it's funny as well. The Quake Done Quick team improved on their speed run times, but in my view they just got this version so damn right.

  • Six, yes six more mods added to the Mods section. They are all quite small, but worth including. Here's the list:
    Jaws by Ryan "Frika C" Smith.
    Tomorrow Never Dies
    Quess by the Impact Developement Team
    Quakanoid by Nihilism Unlimited
    Slide by Singe
    Kick Flip by Michael 'Squirt' Buettner & team

    Site is best viewed in 32bit color, 1024 x 768 resolution in Internet Explorer.

    Monday, May 20, 2002

    Links & Downloads Added
    Megazoid at 17.00 PM


  • Soul of Evil added to the mods page.
  • Xpics mod added to the XXX Quake section on the Humour downloads page.
  • id1vis, the see-through water tool, added to the Tools section.
  • Couple of demo links added to the DM Demos page.
  • A link for Electro's Ripple pool.

  • The forum

    The forum has been remove because it simply wasn't getting used. If you have questions about Quake1 modding, servers, map making or generally anything Quake1 related, you could try a few of these forums (also feel free to still email me with question or comments):

  • Inside3d Forums
  • Quake Source Forums
  • Quad Quakers Forums
  • Quake1 Newsgroup

    One very cool thing that I downloaded the other day, was the Mini Racers beta demo by Tomaz. Based on the Quake1 engine, this racing mod is a blast. From the way things are shaping up, this is definately going to be better than the legendary Quake Rally.

    Monday, March 25, 2002

    Megazoid at 17.00 PM

  • A couple of days ago I was sent an email by Yura Mamyrin about his Quake site: Q-Play

    I like his site a lot actually. He hosts all his own files, and has quite a few things I had never seen before. Yura tells me he has load more (70 odd) mods to upload, and a lot of his files are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. He also has an ever expanding Quake patch & engine section. I must resist the urge to steal his content :D

    Q-Play :-

    Thursday, March 21, 2002

    Planet Die Hard
    Megazoid at 23.55 PM

  • I just thought I would officially announce my other site:- Planet Die Hard. What is it all about I hear you cry? It's mainly about the new FPS game by Piranha Games called:- Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza. I have been watching this games progress for 5 year now. It all started as a humble Duke Numem 3d mod, Creative Creations (the mods developers) then switched engines to Half Life after about a year. Piranha Games was founded in January 2000, and the developement team switch engine again. Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza will be released in April and run on the LithTech 2.5 engine. The demo is already available if you didn't already know.

    Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza always looked like a cracking game. Even in the early Duke3d screen shots, you could tell the developers were nuts about detail and getting things acurate and authentic to the Die Hard film. Check my site out... or burn in the flames of HELL!!! :D

    Planet Die Hard :-

    Wednesday, March 20, 2002

    Links check
    Megazoid at 20.30 PM

  • After the problem with links to Neil Manke's maps, I decided to check every link on the site. It's taken about 2 days, but I can verify that everything is updated and working. There are small changes to just about every page on this site, but apart from the addition of a couple of menu links (Xquake and my other site Planet Die Hard), there is no really new content.

    About 4-5 Quake1 mod websites have disappeared. Where this has happened, I have left a message giving the original URL. The reason for this is simple. Last year a free Internet Archive service went online. Simply go to and type in the URL of the site that has disappeared, and it will show you a saved copy of that site. Very useful, especially considering Quake1 sites have a habit of disappearing these days. The Internet Archive doesn't store zip files, so my site is still useful for that :)

    There probably wont be anymore updates for a while, as I really have to concentrate on Planet Die Hard (the game is out next month), but at some point I have to upload a few more Q1 mods and redesign the front page of the site.

    Monday, March 18, 2002

    Site Update
    Megazoid at 3.58 PM

  • I have made an update to the mods page. After checking a few links, I noticed all Neil Manke's map links were down. Another Quake1 map FTP bites the dust *sob*. I quickly found new links for all his files, and sent these to Neil, but just to be on the safe side, I have uploaded all these excellent maps to Quake Terminus. I even spent a few hours playing them all and taking a few screenshots. Neil was very greatful, and gave little old me a mention on his website:- Black Widow Games. Cool! :)

    Friday, January 25, 2002

    Clean up
    Megazoid at 5.25 PM

  • I decided ages ago to stop updating the site, but I might as well do it formally for the odd person that actually comes here. I am not actually taking the site down for two simple reasons. Firstly it doesn't cost me anything to have it on the net, and secondly there is 500mb of quake files on this site, some of which can not be found anywhere else on the internet (it's true!!). An english version of "Thresh's Quake Bible" can only be found on this site, along with a few of the mods. Loads of the other mods can only be found on Fileplanet which most people agree, now sucks pretty bad. So the site's going to stay, but without updates, and no news section. If I have time, I would like to redesign the front page a little, so seeing what's on the site is easier.

    I had a great laugh doing the site. I really only did it for 5-6 months, but I think I achieved something... saved a few quake files from the scrap heap if nothing else :) Anyway, QuakeTerminus (Quake - Last Stop) was never really meant to be an ongoing project. I was quitting playing online Quake1, and I had the idea to put all my links, files and small amount of quake knowledge online. I just got a little carried away with the idea (like I am with this waffle). Thanks for stopping by everybody. Please feel free to email me with question or comments.

    I'll be spending most of my creative time on my new site which I can't talk about at this time. Shame, because I would love to plug it - hehe.

    Catch ya all later peeps...