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Friday, May 30th, 2003

Megazoid at 23.59 PM

  • Sorry for the weeks down time. All my fault hehe. The site is fine and not suffering from bandwidth problem (yet). The bad news is, I have now reached my allocated 400mb, which means the only way I can add content is by deleting things, or getting more webspace. Not sure which way to go on that one yet. The other bad news is that the Q-play site has gone, and CocoT of Neurotic Conversions has called it a day (although his site will stay).

  • The good news is, as we enter June this years Qexpo is just 6 weeks away. The projected time period of the event is July 6th thru July 12th, 2003. The 2001 event was a huge success, and hopefully this years event will bring the whole Quake 1 community together again for a massive week of Quake 1 overload. Yeah baby!

    If you want a taster of some of the things that might be on offer at Qexpo, Wazat has released some pre-Qexpo betas here.


    Battle Mech


    Thursday, May 22nd, 2003

    The Days Pimping
    Megazoid at 21.36 PM

  • CheapAlert has brought out 4D Shooter test RC2. It's a lot smaller and has had a little make-over (nice console - Galbraith Games?). If you didn't get the first 4d Shooter test, check this one out.

  • Added a link for Underworldfan's Site the other day. The more I check this site out, the more I like it. It's got bags of original Quake1 content. He's got 34 Quake1 map, and 35 Cube (neat freeware 3d engine) reviews under his belt, along with assorted articles. Not bad going for under six months work. Good work.

  • Didn't get as much uploaded to the site as I hoped. I have added 2 more tools (including the new'ish : "The Rabbit Run" tRR engine / Avi maker), and 1 mod : This Alien Earth by "The TAE Team".

    Wednesday, May 21nd, 2003

    Megazoid at 23.36 PM

  • It's taken 2 whole days... okay, in between playing Quake, Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory, drinking beer, erm well it seemed like a long time... anyway the site is now 100%.

    I've added 20 Q1 Developer's site links (in random order), so it should be nice and easy to keep tabs on the latest updates. If I've missed anybody, oops, let me know. Reciprocal links are always appreciated.

    I've sorted out the tools section. All files are now hosted, and eight more tools have been added. They should have been there in the first place really, but hey. No new mods have been added at this time, but I have a sack of Quake files to scan tomorrow, so there definately will be some additions.

    Tuesday, May 13th, 2003

    Kitty Quake
    Megazoid at 23.36 PM

  • Start them young I say.

  • Ahem, anway, back to real news. CheapAlert has released his beta version of 4D Shooter. It's a completely stand alone game based on the Quake1 engine. It still lacks textures and enemies and stuff, but the physics and gameplay are all there. If you download it and nothing happens, thats because you have to type into the console, map 4dbase1 (or one of the other maps he has included) ... (it's just a beta). It's coming along nicely

    The ModDatabase site for 4d Shooter is HERE.

    Tuesday, April 29th, 2003

    Things to do...
    Megazoid at 23.55 PM

  • Well, the QuakeTerminus site is mostly back up. QT is now on a rock solid UK host : Despite the rumors, I wasn't chucked off my Freeola hosting. It was just a drag to use a dialup modem to upload, and when they accidentally deleted my site, I thought a change was in order. I've now got unlimited bandwidth, PHP, CGI, JAVA, SSL, anon_ftp and a bunch of other stuff I don't know how to work.

    Coming soon... Updated links, 3 or 4 "new" tools, a few mores mods, and, erm... the missing bits of the site

  • While you are waiting, have a look at these screens from the up and coming industri Quake based, single player game.

    Saturday, April 26th, 2003

    Ultimate Deathmatch v1.60
    Megazoid at 22.46 PM

  • Alex Starwalker has released his latest version of Ultimate Deathmatch. Ultimate Deathmatch is a programmable deathmatch mod for Quake1. It allows you to add & delete items in deathmatch as well as change loads of varibles and many functions. The new release includes many many improvements, addons and bugfixes over the previous version. Get the mod here.

    You can find Alex's Shadowalker website: here!