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Sunday, June 29th, 2003

QExpo Signups Live
Megazoid at 11.25 PM

  • The QExpo 2003 site is finally up, and WOW! what a great design. The site graphics & layout were designed by Nane, with coding from SantaClaws, and overseen by FrikaC. The site is accepting booth signups from now until the start of Qexpo in 5 days. If you are a mod, map or Quake 1 engine author, and have something to demonstrate, advertise or release during the Quake Expo now is the time to signup for that booth.

    Friday, June 27th, 2003

    Gold Rush! Yeehaw
    Megazoid at 10.12 PM

  • Slats sends word of his new QuakeWorld mod - Gold Rush. Designed as an effective modification for both free-for-all and team deathmatch, the gameplay of Gold Rush introduces an entire new array of tactics to Quakeworld.

    * Pick up the backpacks of dead players to gain gold
    * Drop off gold at armor pickups to score points
    * Horde gold for larger scores
    * Gold slows you down

  • Digits Quake, and new Quake minimod was release on Wednesday by SeienAbunae. Digits Quake adds FF7-like floating damage numbers when someone takes damage. Play it with CheapHack to see the extra-cool fading-away effect! Take a look at the screen shots, and get the download : Here!

    Digits Quake

    Wednesday, June 25th, 2003

    Quake 1 Community Hacked
    Megazoid at 12.05 PM

  • A large number of Quake 1 developer's sites were hacked last night. which hosts Twilight and DarkPlaces was hit, along with which hosted Best of Void, SSJ4-Death's Stuff, The Launch Base, Quake Light Depot, Enigma's Stuff & The Qexpo 2001 site. The hacker's splash screen can be viewed here. The owners of, and others effected are quite rightly fuming. Some of the Html from has been damaged, but the true extent of the damage is not known at this time. The hacking group apparently involved are called Endiabrad0s, and are a very active Brazilian site defacing group. Some people are questioning the timing of these attacks. They come right after a bitter dispute between a number of individuals, and many of the people taking part in this year's Quake1Expo.

  • Xsniper has release a few screen shots of his new mod GCV : Ground Combat Vehicle. The mod's HUD is about 80% done, and will hopefully be released at this years Qexpo. The HUD look kinda funky, go check it out.

  • Underworldfan's Quake & Cube Reviews takes a look at Source of Power, an AguirRe remake of the 1999 Quake Single Player mission of the same name by Graham Davis.
    - News source Planet Quake

    Monday, June 23th, 2003

    A Must Download
    Megazoid at 01.55 PM

  • Speed Demos Archive have another pulsating bulbous sack of demos. I started with SDA's "must download" : Thomas Stubgaard's 1.19 "Gloom keep". Being a bit sleeply I started watching and thought, *yawn* this must be an easy run. Then I notice it was 100% on Nightmare mode - wow! I don't think a human could better this - awesome. They have more "Rings2" sillyness, a seemly unbeatable "Horror" easy run, and much more. Again the days demos are all zipped into one download - head on over to SDA

      Opps, it was Quake's 7th birthday on Sunday and everybody missed it apart from John Romero over on Oh well, happy birthday Quake for yesterday! (Thanks for the tip off Stubgaard)

    Thursday, June 19th, 2003

    QuakeExpo 2003
    Megazoid at 14.23 PM

  • Well, as you can see by the new QuakeExpo counter above, the one week, online Quake 1 event is just around the corner. QuakeExpo (or Qexpo) was last held two years ago and was a smash hit. This years events should prove just as popular. If you are a Quake 1 mod, map, movie maker or have other quake 1 goodies to offer, you should consider signing up for a booth. More details about booths and the event can be found at the Inside3d Forums (Quake 1 Events). Click here for : The QExpo Schedule

  • The rather wonderful Netquake Europe, and it's sister site Quake Movies, have new domains. Please update your links to:
    :: NQEU:
    :: NQMovie:

  • DJquake has new cartoon, Huzzah!

  • Speed Demos Archive have updated again! They are hemmoraging demos this week. The latest batch include some pretty jaw dropping 100% runs on "runerun" and a very cheeky little 0:07 run on "rings2" by Jozsef. Thoughtfully, they have zipped up all todays demos in one big pack as a time saver (see the bottom of todays post on SDA). I want to give a big thank you to Thomas Stubgaard for his nice email and a link to Quake Terminus. Thanks a bunch. While I'm at it, thanks to Jube over on Planet Quake for his zellous pimping of QT this week (the cash is in the post)

    Monday, June 16th, 2003

    Megazoid at 23.20 PM

  • That mellow roasted, bittersweet, richly understated Colombian, Coffee gave me the head's up on his new mod called simply - Run. It's a one-on-one deathmatch sport that plays like soccer with an oversized ball. It includes a bot and three arenas at the moment, but Coffee is looking for some casual map designers to contribute to the mod. Contact Coffee over at his site : Ai Cafe

    Personally, I thought the mod was great fun, and a refreshing change from the usual. Good ambient sounds adds atmosphere. This mod could really take off.

    Sunday, June 15th, 2003

    Speed Demos Archive
    Megazoid at 11.20 PM

  • I don't usually cover what goes on at the Speed Demos Archive, but I thought I would have a crack at their lastest competition. Their lastest map is Plaec of Two Deahts which is basically a hacked version of DM1. They are looking for demo entries in four categories : Easy Run, Easy 100%, Nightmare Run and Nightmare 100%. Being a newbie at this, I only had a shot at the Easy Run, and managed a fairly weak 23.3 seconds. A couple of better jumps probably would shave off another 2 seconds, but it took me 2 hours to get even that score hehe. Give it a go ....

  • There's a rather nice looking Single Player map called Guncotton over on Ethereal Hell. Great architecture, and a fun quick blast. Seemed a tad easy - I would suggest going for "hard" right off the bat.

    My cats, how cute?

    My new bike - varoom!

    Thursday, June 11th, 2003

    Megazoid at 22.20 PM

  • There's two new movies to download at the Netquake Europe site. C9 (60mb) and The Dark Zone (30mb) both feature some rather mad Dm6 action, including some cheating (in C9). The usual kicking tunes, and some nice editing in both movies. See the Netquake Europe news to find the links. There are also a couple of cool new wallpapers by The Beast (one of which I'm now using - cheers).

  • Something I had fun with the other day was Dr. Shadowborg's TROH Armor system test. It's just a test, but the new armour and armour drops are cool. It also has some AI upgraded Grunts : Private, Corporal & Sarge. Find more details here

  • [Quad] Clan's Qview server list has been updated recently. It's definately the best Netquake server list out there at the moment. You can get the link from my server section, or directly from the [Quad] Clan site.

  • ... And finally, you know how somebody made Java Quake like 6 years ago? Well somebody else has done it too! Huzzah, well almost. It's a non playable technology demo. Actually the goals of Reality Interactive are nothing like that of the JQuake project. Reality Interactive are into "Java-based simulation technology for real-world applications". Yawn. If you are super bored, or some kind of Java freak - check out their demo here.

    Thursday, June 5th, 2003

    SLAY, Nexuiz, Prydon Gate
    Megazoid at 11.20 PM

  • FrikaC has announced on the inside3d forum that he is bringing out a new version of Prydon Gate: The Curse of Korweh in a couple of days. The new version will include : 4(?) new maps, the 16 original spells & items now unlocked, complete source and some bug fixes (among other things). This is not the final release of Prydon Gate, which will include another 12 levels, a more complete story line, over 30 different classes & hundreds of additional items. For more information on the release, check out FrikaC post.

  • Two games based on modified Q1 engines have had some updates recently : Nexuiz & SLAY: Slaughter. Both games will be DeathMatch only initially, but SLAY will have a single player game, 'SLAY: Satan Lurks Around You', released later. SLAY is a commercial game by the Romanian developer : Dark Alliance Software. It uses the Telejano engine and an early beta available Here (it's unoptimized code, and may need fast computer).

    Nexuiz should be coming out this year, and boasts some pretty darn impressive features. Doom3 style dynamic lighting, over 1000 32 bit custom TGA Textures, 15 Player Models, skeletal system models, 9 new weapons & 15 new DM maps to frag in. The list is endless. There is no demo yet, but a AVI movie is available here or here

  • Removed Links : Qplay (dead), (turned into a pr0n site :P)
  • Added Links : DJquake (hysterical), QE1 Retexturing Project


    SLAY: Slaughter