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Rocket Jump Techniques
    Rocket jumping, as it has been so aptly named, is the simultaneous combination of jumping and firing a rocket at the ground directly beneath you. A rocket jump, when executed properly, will propel you up to five times further or higher than you would normally be able to go/jump. It can be used for offense, defense, shortcuts, or even to get to items that would normally take minutes just to walk or teleport to. There are many different variations of the rocket jump, as well as many different uses for each variation. You will find that the time interval between when you jump and fire your rocket will affect the height and distance of your rocket jump. Additionally, the angle at which you fire the rocket will in turn affect the direction in which you are propelled.

    Rocket jumps should be a part
    of every Quaker's repertoire

    The Beginning Rocket Jump

    In order to familiarize yourself to rocket jumping, you should start practicing the most basic steps. What I recommend doing is this: load up a single player game. When you are in the game, type "god" at the console to enable god-mode, then type "impulse 9" to give you all the weapons. Next, you want to go to an open area with a high ceiling. When you've done that, go to the center of the room and look straight down at the floor. When you're ready, hit jump and fire simultaneously or as close as possible. (Generally you want to hit jump about a millisecond earlier). As soon as you hit fire, look back up to eye level so you can look around in mid air. Try to get a feel for what it's like to be propelled upwards. At first, you might find yourself disoriented and unsure of where you are when you are in the air. The most important thing is to stay calm and keep a clear mind and steady hand - try not to move your hand much. When you've gotten your timing down and don't have to think too much about the chronology of the keys, you can move on to the standard "running" rocket jump.

    Just point down and press your
    jump and shoot keys together

    The Standard Rocket Jump

    The "standard" or running rocket jump is by far the most popular rocket jumping technique used. The combination of keys to achieve this rocket jump is very much like that of the basic rocket jump, except with this maneuver you will be running forward when executing it. While holding down forward, look straight down quickly, hit jump and fire, then look back up. If you want to make things easier on you at first, don't look back up. The fact that you are moving forward makes the jump a lot more difficult. There is a lot more timing and coordination involved, so be patient. To practice this rocket jump, load up a single player game and turn on god-mode and impulse9. Find spots on the level where you would not normally be able to jump up to. (i.e. at the start of e1m1 - try to rocket jump up to the ledge where the green armor sits) Reminder: The time interval between when you jump and fire determines the height and distance of your rocket. In addition, for a standard rocket jump, you always want to aim straight down (as far down as you can look) when doing the rocket jump.

    The Backwards Rocket Jump

    The backward rocket jump is used mainly in situations where the standard rocket jump is impractical. If you have not noticed already, you cannot look directly beneath you. The lowest point at which you can look is still a few degrees ahead of your feet. This makes it harder to rocket jump to a ledge that's further away, horizontally… unless, of course, you perform a backwards rocket jump. With a backwards rocket jump, you can be propelled further horizontally than a forward rocket jump, by changing the angle at which you shoot the ground beneath you. The higher you aim your rocket at the ground, the more horizontally you will be propelled, and vice versa.

    See that guy escaping down the hall?
    He won't get away that easily!

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