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Quake Tools


Pak Explorer 84k Pak Explorer allows you to view files within a Quake or Quake 2 .PAK file, extract them, and insert them as well. The best utility for PAK files!
Gib Stats 5.6mb Obsessed with stats? Gibs stats gives you detailed statistics on your performance in a Quake match. Homepage
Qfig 368k Qfig is a GUI utility to let you configure your keys and special macros.
Hardnoise's Funky Quake Name Editor 55k A cool program that helps you make colourful names & animation for Quake.
Adquedit v1.3 225k Versatile program for manipulating the many file formats that Quake has. Features include replacing textures in bsp files, editing entity lists, changing model skins, creating sprites, making mip textures, and extensive wad editing.
Wally v1.55 wally_155b.exe 1.10mb Program to manipulate game texture files and industry-standard image formats. Popular. Homepage
Fimg V02 414k Fimg is a Windows 32 bit image editor designed for editing game sprites and images. It currently works with Quake SPR Sprite, Darkplaces SPR32, WAD2 and Lmp along with a smattering of standard image formats. Programmed by Ryan "FrikaC" Smith. For possible updates, check the Fimg directory on Inside3d
MipDip15 214k A program to create and modify WAD2 files, MipMap textures and flat graphics.
Bsp2Wad 2k Lifts all the textures out of a BSP file, and creates a texture file (.WAD)
Updbsp 2k Updates the textures in a BSP (Quake) file from a WAD file, creating a new BSP file.
Qview149 109k A quick and easy model viewer. Will display Quake1, 2 & 3 model formats. Homepage
QME 2.3 214k Early version of QME. Animation viewer and texture editor for MDL files
QME 3.0 FULL version & updates 1.65mb A more up-to-date version of the above. This is a (Google search) link to find the FULL retail version of this very popular modeller, animator, 3D & 2D texture editor.
id1vis 1mb A tool that gives you transparent water. Works for single player, and on some Q1 servers. Just extract all files to a new directory, and click on the INSTALL.BAT. You my need a couple of commands in your config after installing :-
  • r_wateralpha 0.3
  • r_novis 1
  • Dzip See Website 100k Dzip is a file compression program. Many Quake demos are compressed using Dzip. Visit the site for more info and the downloads. Mirror: here

    Level Editors

    BSP v.95e
    exe update
    1.3mb BSP v.95e is a great popular Quake 1 editor. Still being updated in 2007! Get BOTH downloads, install BSP95c, and then update the exe file using the BSP95e update. Tutorials can be found on the BSP homepage.
    The BSP webpage is found here : Homepage
    EntEd 120kb An entity editor that allows you to change spawn points, weapons and ammo locations, etc. on any Quake map or bsp.
    Tread3D 12.2mb Tread3D full version free editor for Quake1 (and other games). Help files included, and more information on the Homepage
    QuArK See Website 15.4mb QuArK (a.k.a. Quake Army Knife) is a free game editor for Quake AND many other games. As the name suggests, it is a multi-function tool that can edit maps and models, import sounds and textures, create pak-files and run compilers.
    For further details, please visit their
    Qoole See Website 2.04mb Qoole, popular level editor for Quake/Quake2. Homepage
    WorldCraft 1.6a 1.73mb WorldCraft v1.6a - one of the more popular Quake editors around. Homepage

    Demo & Film

    "Rabbit Run"
     tRR engine 224k A Quake Engine that allows you to make instant (full audio & video) Avi movies. Homepage
    KeyGrip 969k KeyGrip 1.0.6 for Quake 1. Very popular Quake movie/demo editor. The webpage can still be found : Homepage
    Film At 11 v0.92 v0.95
    200k Film at 11 was one of the first Quake Demo file editor. Windows95/NT based Version v0.92, and v0.95 beta.
    ReMaic Studio 1.25 523k ReMaic allows you to reshoot existing Quake demos from new perspectives. A useful tool for refilming demos of Quake game-play and full-blown "Quake movies".
    ReMaic Studio 2 462k ReMaic Studio 2 is a partial rewrite that instead of having a Windows GUI, operates as a Quake server. ReMaic Studio by Roman "WarKosign" Priborkin. Project page.
    Demtool 38k Little feature-packed command line utility that handles a lot of processing and tidying jobs needed in the course of Quake demo/movie production. The webpage can be found : Homepage
    Demix 59k Demix enables you to do some entity manipulation within demos, like transferring entities from one demo into another, extending the lifetime of entities, producing fake multiplayer demos (i.e. add new actors to existing demos) and other things. The webpage can be found : Homepage
    Seismovision 2.27 (light version) Seismovision227light.exe 2.94mb Seismovision allows you to more easily play demos from Quake, Quakeworld, Quake II, Quake III and about a dozen other games. This version is small and unobtrusive. Later versions which support more games (but are more commercial), can be found on the Seismovision website : Homepage


    Qtest 1 - Quake v.1 4216k id's pre-alpha, pre-beta, test release of Quake for deathmatch only
    1evilway 900k An add-on map for the above Qtest (only) which contains early beta monsters.
    250 Q1 Skins 3.75mb 250 different Quake1 skins. Hand selected by me :D
    The Quake Font 10k It's the Quake font.


    MilkShape 3D MilkShape 3D is a low-polygon modeler.
    Blender Pretty well respected FREE 3D graphics creation program.