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My Personal Config
    For the adventurous, here is my personal Quake config. I play dosquake (quake.exe version 1.08) exclusively, and as you can see, there's nothing too fancy or special in this script. Each individual setting is described below.


    //Thresh's .cfg file. Use at own risk! :)
    //Gamers Extreme
    - Commented out, none of this is executed

    vid_mode 0 - standard 320x200 resolution VGA
    +mlook - frees up mouselook
    m_filter 1 - smooths out mouse motion - default is on
    sensitivity 12 - mouse sensitivity
    sv_aim 2 - turns off computer auto-aiming
    scr_conspeed 32700 - speeds up the scrolling console when you hit "~"
    m_pitch .022 - sets the y-axis sensitivity of the mouse to default
    d_mipscale 1 - sets texture rendering to default
    d_mipcap 0
    bind w +forward - standard movement keys, "WASD inverted T"
    bind s +back
    bind a +moveleft
    bind d +moveright
    bind space +jump - default Quake jump key
    bind shift "impulse 7" - quick rocket launcher select
    bind f "impulse 6" - quick grenade launcher
    bind mouse2 "impulse 8" - qucik lightning gun
    bind mouse1 +attack - default Quake attack key
    v_kicktime 0 - v_kick settings keep view from jarring when hit
    v_kickpitch 0
    v_kickroll 0
    cl_bob 0 - stops your gun from bobbing up and down while running
    cl_rollangle 0 - stops sideways cant while strafing
    r_waterwarp 0 - stops the screen from waving underwater
    bind v "say Nice shot man!" - give props to your opponents!

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