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Knowing Sounds
    Sounds play an extremely important part of the game. There are many different sounds in the game, all of which you should learn to recognize. Here are the few sounds you should be able to recognize immediately: the sound of an ammo pack being picked up, a weapon being picked up, a jump, a short drop/fall (i.e. dropping from a ledge), a long drop/fall, a button being pushed, an elevator, 100% health being picked up, health pack being picked up, medi-kit being picked up, every weapon's shooting sound, sound of walking through a teleporter, rocket jump, invisibility being picked up, pentagram being picked up or being shot at, quad damage being picked up or fired, respawn, armor being picked up, and a person being shot.

    Just recognizing the sounds is not enough, however. In order to be aware of your surroundings at all times, you need to not only recognize what kind of sound it is, but also where it is coming from. In addition, you also need to be very knowledgeable of the level in order to fully use sounds to your advantage. Here are a few examples of where and when you can use sounds to help determine where your opponent is, and also where he might be going.

    Example #1: On the level Dm6, at the top of the stairs above the green armor, there are two lightning ammo packs right next to each other. Imagine if you were standing at the grenade launcher… you hear two ammo packs being picked up really quickly, and the sound is coming from somewhere ahead of you. Your opponent has now given away his position. You have a pretty good idea he is coming around the corner. Shoot a couple rockets at the corridor, your chances of landing a rocket square on your opponent's face are good. Or, another example on Dm6 is, if you were standing at grenades and you were not sure where your opponent is. You hear an armor being picked up close by, then you should have a pretty good idea that your opponent just got the red armor.

    When you hear those LG packs,
    picked up, get ready to shoot!

    Example #2: Does my opponent have quad or pentagram?? I'm sure many of us have encountered this question when seeing an opponent glowing brightly ahead of us. In order to find out what exactly he has, listen carefully to the sounds he makes. If you hear him fire, and you don't hear the "quad" sound, then you know he has the pentagram. Or, if you fire at him, and if you don't hear the "pentagram" sound, then you know that he's got the quad.

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