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Underwater Tricks
    Water in Quake

    Being underwater requires a whole new set of skills. The physics of water make the game considerably different than being out of water. Weapons that are normally the strongest out of water, become one of the weakest in the water. Being able to swim up and down fluidly is also very important. There are also several tricks you can do in the water to make little to no noise. Dodging under water is a very important skill… and knowing how to avoid discharges can also save your life.

    Underwater Physics

    Being underwater changes what you can do dramatically. In regular quake, you move a lot slower while in the water. You cannot stay underwater for longer than approximately 11 seconds - at that point, you will still suffocating and will lose health points per second you stay underwater. The amount of health points you lose starts at 4 health the first second, then increases the longer you stay underwater. All you have to do is surface and you can go under for another 11 seconds. I highly recommend using the console command "r_waterwarp 0." This will take away the waviness you see in when in the water. It'll make your opponents a lot easier to see… and thus a lot easier to hit.

    Secret Tricks in Water

    Swimming underwater usually causes you to make a lot of noise. These noises will make it pretty obvious to your opponent where you are, what you're doing, and where you're headed. There are ways to stay quiet underwater.

    A. How to swim without making any noise:
    In order to swim without making any noise, use the swim up and swim down keys. If you use jump to move up when in water, it'll make a small bubbling noise. If you use swim up, it won't make any noise at all. This will save you on many occasions, when your opponent is shooting randomly in the water with quad rockets. He won't be able to tell where you are.

    B. How to jump in the water without making a splash:
    Usually when you jump in the water, you'll make a huge splashing noise. If you don't want to make a loud noise, hold down jump when you hit the water. This'll still cause a small noise (the same bubbling sound when you use jump underwater), but it at least won't make the loud splashing noise.

    C. How to breathe underwater without making a noise:
    If you don't want to make any noises at all, not even breathing noise, use the swim-up key to surface. If you surface approximately every three seconds, you won't make a breathing noise. You can remain virtually silent underwater using this tactic. I was told by John Romero that if you swim up against a wall or pillar underwater and surface, you won't make any breathing noises, no matter how long you were underwater. He showed it to me, but somehow I wasn't able to duplicate the trick at home. If someone can do it, please e-mail me what I'm doing wrong.

    D. Swimming while invisible:
    If you are invisible underwater, you will still make noises like a normal person would. However, the one thing that you don't do when invisible is make the choking noise when you are out of breath. You will still sustain the damage when suffocating, but at least you won't make any noise.

    Getting Out of Water

    Getting out of water can sometimes be a very difficult task. I've found the best way to get out of water is to use the swim-up key along with forward. You can just face upwards and walk forward to get out, but I've found that it doesn't seem to work on some servers. Using jump and forward will also work, but you won't be as quiet as you would be using the swim-up key. You cannot get out of the water going backwards. If you want to get out sideways, using strafe, you cannot be exactly parallel to the bridge/ground. You need to face somewhat towards land and use forward and strafe to get out. If there are stairs of some sort leading out of the water, then you don't need to use swim-up or jump.

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