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More Sounds
    As you can use sounds to your advantage, a player can also use it to turn your advantage into a disadvantage. Advanced players have learned to use sounds to deceive their opponents. If you base your game and reactions entirely on sound, you will soon find out the hard way that there's a lot more to the game than just sounds. It is true that picking up items can give away your position, so it is not always in your best interests to pick up every item you run across. A good way to be stealthy is to be as quiet as possible, meaning don't pick up any unnecessary items. If you want to sneak up behind your opponent, do not pick up any items along the way.

    Countering the Technique

    Avoid items and weapons. If you don't plan on using the weapon, or do not need the ammo pack, don't pick it up. Picking up health packs can also give away your position; weigh the consequences of picking up a health pack. If you are planning on an attack, you may not want to pick up the health, lest your opponent knows beforehand which direction you're attacking from. Oftentimes the good players pick up only the necessary items, and are extremely careful right after they've picked up a "loud" item, as they know their opponent knows exactly where they are and what they are up to (Loud items being weapons and power-ups).

    Even if you want more rockets,
    picking up the GL may give you away!

    Run slowly over steps. On certain staircases, running over them too quickly will cause you to make a small noise, similar to that of dropping from a short ledge. Those small sounds can give away your position and the direction you're headed, so be cautious when running over those staircases that may cause those noises, and run slowly over them whenever you can. I've found strafing over the stairs or looking down when running down will oftentimes prevent you from making any noise.

    You can deceive your opponent by making sounds specifically intended to lead your opponent to think you are going one place, but instead you are going the opposite direction. You can, for example, pick up obvious items from the left of where your opponent is waiting, then when he is expecting you to come out of the left door, you double back and attack him from the right. Or, in some cases, you can go halfway up an elevator then drop back down, making your opponent think you are on the elevator, but instead you are coming around behind him or underneath him. Eventually when you fake your opponent out enough, he will be unsure of what sounds are real, and what aren't. Thus you have successfully used the sounds he is listening so closely for to your advantage.

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