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Analysis of the Level
    At first glance, DM2 looks like a gigantic level. There's one huge room in the center of the map, two medium sized rooms in the front and back, and several smaller rooms branching off from those. Long, narrow corridors basically connect the rooms together, making attempts at escaping in the middle of rocket battles more or less futile. The map, however, is not quite as colossal as it seems. In fact, with the execution of several well-placed rocket jumps (in various areas of the map) and/or the use of teleports, you can get from one side of the map to the other in a matter of seconds.
    As soon as you get in the game, you'll notice the level has a scarcity of powerful weapons, and an abundance of good armors. The lack of weapons makes players susceptible to being "run." (The other player can keep the good weapons away from you, thus making you harmless, even if you have armor.) This map is particularly suited for players who are patient, as there are numerous places to ambush and trap the enemy.
    If you'll notice, there are no lightning guns on the map. For those players who cannot aim accurately with or cannot defend effectively against the shaft, this is the map you'll want to play. With only two rocket launchers and a grenade launcher spread throughout the map (the other weapons are almost useless), there really isn't much variation or a need for versatility.
    Due to most of the circumstances I stated above, DM2 is a great map for high-ping players (a.k.a. high ping bastards a.k.a. HPB) to play against low-ping players. For the most part, high pingers are disadvantaged because they react slower and cannot fight well with/defend against a low-pinger's (LPB) shaft. On DM2, these disadvantages are less evident. High pingers can play defensively on the map, making the need for a quick reaction time a lot less important. And the lack of the lightning gun relatively evens the playing field.

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